Elite Championship Remastered Bracket and Rules


@sdmario @NightOwl how are games?


Since no response, I’ll move on.
Here’s our games that just finished:
Cmss220 1-1 InsomniacDoodat



@big_boss @Torbreck @CH0DU @Lewer @Vitessa @GreatGonzales @Cmss220 @BK_VII @Random_Task @HansJoachimAa

Round 4 has started, but I wanted to get feedback on how much longer you guys want the tournament to last. I can make this next round the last round and take the top 2, 4, 8, 6, whatever, which is what I’m planning to do, and we’ll run a playoffs that can progress faster, what do you guys think?


mfw I literally only tie


One more round and then a seeded single elimination bracket of 8?


Sounds good to me.


There goes my chance to play all the good players i was eagerly awaiting to play .

With all the players dropping out it can’t be helped .

Hopefully some of you won’t mind playing friendlies with me in case I get eliminated early on .


Game 1 completed




Game 1, GG


Time out on second game unfortunately



Is the next round ready? I am.


Yeah sorry about that was on a vacation forgot to inform you.


Yes, the feedback post also informed that the round has started. I’ll post again with all matchups [they’re all on challonge]


So this tournament died?