Elite Championship Remastered


Hi guys! I’ll be hosting the Elite Championship. For now, I’m only going to be gathering signups and will decide on how to format the tournament.

Update: Tournament signups end on January 28th

Must have done one of the below with proof:

  • Top 20 of any 1v1 Weekly Elite list that is from the new year (any 2017 list)
  • Top 10 of any 2v2 Weekly Elite list that is from the new year (any 2017 list)
  • Top 5 of any Weekly Elite list from any time except start of season lists
  • Won a previous EC
  • Won a previous STBE (Soon To Be Elite) (I’ll run one of these almost probably as well)

To signup: List your ID and proof of eligiblity


  • Intimidation
  • cmss220
  • Torbreck.
  • YouKnowMe
  • Vitessa!
  • Nagibator666
  • Lewer<<

  • =) Random Task (=
  • sdmario
  • Ryzuma
  • Night Owl
  • tomasthundiyil
  • BK VI
  • 1NSAN3…
  • big boss

During the weekend, I’ll do my best to give an analysis of a game to send over to @onealexleft to put onto the news section.


Im in
Intimidation #11 07/01/17


I am not elite enough…


I’ll start reaching out to people to see if they’re interested


You were #16 in the last weekly elite. That is elite enough


Ups… stechnically I am eligible :slight_smile:
Count me as interested


Im in

7 st


so will their be a tournament for 2v2 format as well or is it just for reference to gauge the players level


It’s a gauge.


This sounds awesome. I would be interested, but I only take turns during the weekdays and only once a day, so I would probably bog down this tournament. Thanks for setting it up though!


#14 on 1/20/17


Okay, I’m going to set the deadline to about a week from now then get it started


Night Owl is in.

Top 20 in 1v1.


I would be interested. But I would like to understand the format; I’ve seen a lot of tournaments that require a large number of simultaneous games, and I don’t have that bandwidth these days. Can you let us know?

My two cents: some seeding based on past results, matchups are best two out of three, single elimination.


Past results aren’t very accurate for something that doesn’t happen often, I’m probably going to end up using Swiss style until 2 have perfect records and do a wildcard type entry (6 left for playoffs and perfect records get a bye


I’m in tomasthundiyil


I’ll play

2nd random team 2v2


sign me up as well #18 on 1/20/2017


I would like to join in as well.
Gcid : big boss