Elite Championship Replay 3 [Torbreck. (A) vs. YouKnowMe (F) on Foundry]


After the third week, we’re left with just 2 more games before the first round wraps up.

This week, we’re looking at the current Weekly Elite #1, Torbreck. against YouKnowMe on Foundry.

First, Foundry is probably the classic map you go to look at when you want to talk about positioning. With all the free space in the middle of the map, making sure that the units are in the best position to both defend and attack is a big deal. Players will try to move their opponent across the whole map to gain an advantage.

In this matchup, you’ll see a fight for position in the middle, a special coming out to try to slowly poke units down after killing a medic early, and how strong wit starvation can be after taking control of an extra wit space.

Try and figure out which turn setup each gameplan for both players and how the reactions to the other player’s plan worked out.