How do I format text? (i.e. center, strikethrough, text size, font, color, etc.) The UI for these forums is terrible. I can’t find anything at the top panel to format text :frowning:


strikethrough: [s]test[/s] test
Custom fonts aren’t allowed. The rest you mentioned can be found in our new forum survival guide.


If you want a reference, here is a Markdown reference page that you might find useful.

A lot of BBCode is still supported here. Trial and error is useful for learning what you can do and what you cannot do.

You can also apparently do some HTML stuff as well. As far as I can tell, alignment is the main one where you have to use HTML instead of BBCode. There might be more.

There are some quirks. The markdown for bold is **whatever** but if you want to boldify (embolden?) individual letters inside a word, it seems you cannot use the Markdown asterisks. You have to use BBCode or HTML (i.e. <strong>whatever</strong> or [b]whatever[/b]).


Hey smartypantses - Is there a way to align text in a post? Also, is there a way to make a link that will auto-populate a PM? Both of these were doable in myBB, so I’m hoping there’s a way!


Calling @onealexleft :smile:


not sure what you mean by auto-populate? Can you explain this? As for alignment:

all text is aligned left, unless you center it. There is no ‘right alignment’.


In MyBB, I could format a URL in such a way that when clicked, it would open a PM to a specific person and fill out a message. Here’s the link from the old forums: 1v1%20League:%20 2v2%20League%20(highes​t):%20 Total%20League%20Wins:%20 Do%20you%20own%20the%20Uber%20Pack:%20 Do​%20you%20own%20the%20Gen%202%20Maps:%20

The “action=send” means ‘send a PM’. See the “uid=”, “subject=” and “message=”? Those Specify the fields in the actual PM. If you click that link you’ll see what it does. Credits to Harti for this - it was just passed on to me.

And how would one center it? Can’t seem to find it Found it in your survival guide, never mind :slight_smile: