Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


##The Tournament Has Begun! Best of Luck to Everyone!
Refer to this document for more info on how to read the bracket and submit results
OW Tournament Guide.pdf (879.0 KB)
Once again, Player 1 chooses the map. Please only play your Round 1 games until further notice that Round 2 has started. Start a friendly game with your opponent and tell them in the chat that this game is for the tournament. After the game is complete, winner is responsible for posting the replay link in this thread. Refer to the PDF for more info on how to do this. If in your post you can also include the name of the winner with the link (“LegacytheSecond won” will suffice) it would be very helpful :slight_smile:


##Frequently Asked Questions
"What do I do if my opponent timed out/never accepted the game invite?"
First, try and Private Message them on the forum by going onto their profile and selecting “message”. Wait a few days and if they don’t respond, let me know and I can give you the win.

"What do I do if my opponent is Player 1 and never sent me a game invite?
Wait a few days. If they haven’t sent you the invite, Private Message them and wait a day or so. If they still don’t respond, just start the game yourself.

"Can I start my next round game yet?"
No, I’ll let you know when to start the next round

"I picked the wrong race/map!! Can I restart?"
Ask your opponent during the FIRST TURN ONLY. If they say no, the answer is no. (But saying yes is always nice)

"My opponent is toxic/mean in chat. Can I report him/her?"
Toxicity is in no way tolerated in this community. If it happens, PM me a screenshot of the offending message and I will kick that person out of the tournament.

Chriscrazylegz :fluffy:
Héctor :fluffy:
Pan Rozum :fluffy:
DeepBlueGoodbye :fluffy:
_SaltyVinegar :clever:
D/|3 :clever:
ColossalGiraffe :clever:
Papaya1014 :clever:
LegacytheSecond :clever:
Tiarella42 :gifted:
Leonardomaf :gifted:
MariannaH1991 :gifted:
sturza :gifted:
Bounty girls :gifted:
theFATangel :gifted:
Chc4me :gifted:
Arthurdbco :gifted:
KingArthur :gifted:
<(Kenny_6)>) :master:
Yarazny.[RUS] :master:
Nolekennedy :master:
SitCourtnayPenrose :master:
JEHtRed :master:
Tomasthundiyil :master:
Torarica1 :master:
Phants :master: #34
Supercords :master: #30
Spacechef :master: #30
Ryzuma :supertitan:
YouKnowMe (former account was :supertitan: #25)
Master THC :supertitan:
Intimidation :supertitan :#11
Cmss220 :supertitan: #9
sdmario :supertitan: #7
Torbreck. :supertitan: #2


@LegacyofEight you are the best, great idea - I’m in.

Rank #34…although that was last week. no games completed this week so I’m off the list that just came out


Lol - looks like you have already signed me up !! I’m in :slight_smile:


to clarify, is it Torbreck. with a period after?




Super Titan
Weekly Elite #11



Great initiative LegacyofEight!
I think you should require that everyone signs up for tournament mode aswell.


Super Titan
Weekly elite #9
Highest rank weekly elite #7



Tbh I’m conflicted as to what to put here. This account is Master right now because I’m slowly playing, but you could more accurately put me around 20-25ish on the weekly elite (ST)


Yay for tournaments!

Rank # 30


Does it needs to put the divison?






Ok, so

Fluffy league
Rank #2


@LegacyofEight consider doing a Swiss style format with playoffs


I might be in trouble if someone doesn’t sign up that is slightly above me… torbreck will whomp me. Haha


Gifted League (promoted)
Rank #25


Gifted #5 (Hidden Rock Division)


Rank #30


I’m in!

Gifted League
Rank #26