Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


I had played against him a while back his username is :wink:


Toraica1 won from Sircourtnay



Anyone know how to get a hold of master thc ? Still no luck


MariannaH1991 won



You have is ingame username right?
His username is: thcdoremi


Ah I didn’t realize he was master thc I probably should have guessed. Thanks bud. I’ll toss him an invite and let him know


<(Kenny_6)> won.


Well played. 1 small tip, on this map you might consider not moving your medic down next to spawn. It was good that you got it up there in action later on, but you wasted 2 wits moving it down and back up. In higher levels of play every wit counts and you won’t be able to compete unless you make every wit count. Can’t tell you how many games I lost or won because of 1 single wit.

The medic is in a really great spot in the beginning on sfi. Just something you might consider. Well played though. Looking forward to maybe playing with you in the tourney.


Invited thcdoremi to a match and it timed out. I’ve tried contacting him on the forums and in game now with no luck, want me to try anything else? @LegacyofEight


Nah I’ll give you the win


I don’t like free points :frowning: are there any backup players by any chance?


Thanks for playing


Yarazny.[RUS] won


Not as of now. I’ll try and find someone for Round 3 but I want to finish this round quickly since there are only a couple more games to complete


Round 3 has begun! Competitors, I have PMed you all the info, but here it is again for reference. If any of you know someone who can sub, please message me. There is a high chance that we will need some subs soon and it would be nice to have a sub waitlist. Thanks!

Updated the bracket page for round 3. @Jehtred @Dale @Radwanxd you did not participate in round 2, so you are player 2 in this round. Unfortunately, the bracket does not let me change the player order, so @kburnham and @Tomas_Thundiyil, you are player 1 this round. If your opponent times out, they are disqualified and we will need to re organize matches/find substitutes.


Actually, nevermind, i think i cant sub


Wooohooo! Round 3 - it is on!



Gg @Pan_Rozum



Yarazny.[RUS] has won


hard fought match,
Gg chc4me



Chris crazylegz for the win of round 3