Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


Godistak vs ColossalGiraffe
Godistak wins… GG. 1 little wit misscalculation on my part and the whole game was lost in 2 turns :frowning:


@LegacyofEight How many rounds is the tournament again? I keep forgetting :smiley: I wanna win 1 match before it’s over :cry:


6 rounds is the goal! I believe in you!!


@Daniel_Beadle vs @phants underway, A v A on long 9


Nolekennedy won against Supercords. REALLY fun, close, and interesting game. I think the game was very unique, so encourage people to check out the replay.



Hey giraffe, feel free to send me some friendlies if you want to practice some more.

I took a look at your game and saw a few issues that I feel could help you a lot. I hope you don’t mind if I post my thoughts here. I am hoping that it might help some people, and also I’m hoping that the players better than myself can chime in with their input as well.

The first thing is this

You usually want to avoid attacking spawns, especially vs feedback. There are times where you might want to attack a spawn, like if you want to stomp it and take the spawn away from them. You might want to sometimes send a small force down to the spawn or maybe just a runner while you are attacking elsewhere. It really depends on the map and your strategy. Generally speaking though, you want to attack the side without the spawn on it.

Next is this,

On this turn, you basically knew where everything was and what she had. You need to find the biggest threats and eliminate them.

I circled the biggest threats (in my opinion) red.
I circled the heavy orange because it felt less important to me. It’s both cheap and easy to get rid of the 1 hp heavy and it is threatening your base. The soldiers could take your spawn and kill your soldier and sniper unless you do something about that, and it’s usually a good idea to take out scramblers when you can.

The sniper and soldier are yellow because they aren’t a threat at the moment but you need to remember they are there and consider them when placing your units.

I would have went with something like this.

Kill the 1 hp heavy with a new runner.
Kill the scrambler with the soldier.
Pull the soldier back to protect mobi.
Kill soldier with sniper and soldier.
Heal soldier.

I didn’t look super carefully so there may be a better move, but this takes care of the most dangerous threats. Her heavy could still kill your soldier or she could use soldier and heavy to kill your 4 hp soldier but that’s all she can really kill the next turn. 1 soldier. If she does she will then lose her heavy.

One final note, it would have been better to bring your runner back on turn 4 than it was to move the mobi.

I’ll delete this if you don’t want it up here, but I was just hoping it helps. It’s really easy to do what I did and see everything then know what to do, it’s hard being in the game trying to keep track of units in your mind. Trying to count wits. You are doing well! I am sure you will win at least once in the tourney.


Wow! What a review! Interesting for me too to read. Only one error: I’m a “she”. :wink:


Ahh I’m sorry!! Fixed it… I think.




I just watched you win and I still have no clue how :o


What a game, I’m not going to go into detail, but that was a combination of Supercords making a mistake in spawning the second BS and Nole doing a beautiful job dancing around them


Beautiful job dancing indeed. I particularly liked when he threw his 2 hp runner on his wit to kill a medic. It’s an even trade 4 for 4, in some situations it might be a bad call but in this situation it was needed. Nole couldn’t keep making those trades to keep his bombshell safe if supercords had a medic.

I’m not sure it was the second bombshell that cost supercords the game, I think it was that same move though. When he put the soldier in range of the bs and it still splashed another soldier as well, I think that was what cost him the game.

edit: after thinking about it a bit more, it was mostly that nole played really well in the second half of the game. There were a lot of tough decisions to make and they made them well. Also using the whole map to fight on was nicely executed. That 2 hp runner on the spawn was a great move. I’m not sure what I would have done. It would have been best to leave the bs there and splash it, but there was no way for supercords to know that the medic wasn’t close behind.


It’s cool! How would you know? :grinning: Thanks for the fix!


Is Master THC’s name instead thcdoremi? They haven’t responded to my message.


I tried a few different times to contact him through the thcdoremi name. He invited my old account spccsc to a game and I now feel bad for having the free win because he tried, I didn’t realize it until just now though. I Haven’t been on that account in months.


theFATangel vs. InsomniacDoodat (AlliDooisRush, YouKnowMe)

theFATangel wins!



That turn 18 :cold_sweat:
Well played theFATangel :slight_smile:


Please don’t watch me


Nice, Doodat! But you know, you got a good laugh at my Glitch game vs. Torbreck =) back in the day.

and my Foundry game vs. Alvendor…


Win for @Phants to join @Torbreck @theFATangel and @Yarazny at 3-0

Well played @Daniel_Beadle gg



MariannaH1991 over papaya 1014