Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


There are three unaccounted for matches for this round. I do not care if the bracket says P1 or P2, just start the game.

@Kenny_6 vs @Ryzuma
*<(Kenny_6)> * (without spaces) vs Ryzuma

@_SaltyVinegar vs @sdmario
game names are the same as forum names

@Dale vs @Tomas_Thundiyil
D/|3 vs tomasthundiyil
In Dale’s name, the character after the \ is the vertical line that you get from pressing shift-forward slash. It is not an i, L, or 1.

If the following players do not notify me about whether or not their games have started within 24 hours, I will assume AFK and disqualify all. If you were attempting to start a game but your opponent timed out and you are still interested in competing, please let me know. You will not be disqualified.

With the current disqualifications, I believe that there are an odd number of participants. I’ll try to figure out what we should do about it tomorrow after I find out who else is AFK.


i just started game as P1


@Kenny_6 @Dale @Tomas_Thundiyil @Ryzuma

You have been disqualified


@sdmario has your opponent responded to the game?


I started a game , he didnt play … so i won


Awesome. The next round had begun.


Woo hoo - round 4 is go!

Interesting draw at the top of the table with @HansJoachimAa and @Torbreck squaring up as the only 2 unbeaten Super Titans.

@Yarazny vs @Phants throws together the 2 unbeaten ‘masters’ and the remaining unbeaten player ‘gifted’ @theFATangel takes on @Torarica1 to see if they can upset the odds again to keep their streak going.

Still 10 players just a game back so everything to play for - GLHF!

And great work @LegacyofEight in herding the cats and dishing out DQs to keep the tourney running - thanks!


Torarica1 defeats Fatangel


Well played match guys. I was going to write an analysis on it but figured I’d ask you guys if you wanted my opinions or not. @theFATangel @Torarica1 if you would like me to go through the match I think I could point out a few things that might improve your game play. It was a fun match to watch :slight_smile: gg


@spccsc I would enjoy a play review!


Ok first things first! :stuck_out_tongue: your opening move. There are several moves you can make that are fine. For you I would recommend doing exactly what you did, except instead of spawning a soldier on the left side, spawn a runner on the right and move it to your right wit.

The opening move would look something like that and it works out well for both player 1 and player 2. Player 1 could move their soldier on to the side wit instead of a runner if they wanted, but for player 2 I’d highly recommend putting a runner there in case p1 advanced their heavy.

Now I want to talk about the basics of adorables on this map. Adorables have a large advantage over scallywags and feedback on this map. They have an advantage against veggie as well but imo, veggie has the best chance vs adorables on this map.

The adorables advantage comes from their mobility and the gaps in this map. This means it’s usually a good idea to get a mobi out early and start harassing and pushing as soon as possible. The scallywag players goal for early game on this map is to fill the map with soldiers and cover their base from all sides but especially the middle. Early and mid game the scally player wants to fill this green circle area with soldiers and get a bombshell where they got one.

Red is doing a good job here filling the map. Ideally they will get more soldiers in the middle and try to build a solid defense. Torarica also put a bombshell in a really good place to have a bombshell, but!!! You never want to put a 3 hp bombshell there vs an adorables player. The bombshell can get sniped too easily if it’s unhealed.

Here are some common attacking paths for mobi harassing and pushing.

Here is a replay of exactly how you would want to play against an adorables player on this map. This is feedback vs adorables but it’s the same general idea.

Thrutchy stomped me here. He blocked my every move because he had enough units covering his base in the middle and on the sides. I tried to harass his wit then change sides and hit with a mobi because most of his units were tied up protecting his wit. I have never used that opening before and he shut it down really well.

So what do you want to do? You want to take advantage of their mobility.

Notice here that I used the opening I told you worked well. I attacked where he was weak. I harassed his wit on the left and attacked on the right. Mostly you just don’t want to let them build a big army. Harass and attack anywhere you can until you find an opening. Often times you can harass really well around the big gap and the middle of the base in the front.

Hopefully this helps a little bit, I’ll go through the game in another post as soon as I can and be more specific on the match but I wanted to just go through some basic thoughts on the match up first.


That’s a clear analyses, thanx for the time and effort!


InsomniacDoodat > PanRozum


My player 1 (KingArthur) hasn’t started their game yet with me.


I won my game in the 4th round against sdMario here is the link outwitters://viewgame?id=ahRzfm91dHdpdHRlcnNnYW1lLWhyZHIVCxIIR2FtZVJvb20YgIDgjruIqwo


Ups, here is the link outwitters://viewgame?id=ahRzfm91dHdpdHRlcnNnYW1lLWhyZHIVCxIIR2FtZVJvb20YgIDgjruIqwoM


You should start a game with him and ask him to start his match against you


Winner : spacechef



MariannaH1991 win due to timeout. outwitters://viewgame?id=ahRzfm91dHdpdHRlcnNnYW1lLWhyZHIVCxIIR2FtZVJvb20YgIDgjqmhsAkM


Winner: Cmss220

Gg Nole! Well played. Tough match. This was a good match. We both made mistakes but in the end we both played well.

If anyone could offer me some tips I’d appreciate it. I’m really curious if me killing the bombshell was a good thing or a bad thing. I lost a lot in the exchange but I felt it was worth it? Not sure though.

Nole, I offer this advice for you I hope you don’t mind. On turns 11-12 you took my wit spot. It cost me 3 wits. One for the runner, one for his move to wit, and the wit I lost for one turn when you took it. You lost 6 wits. 2 for the runners, and 4 for their moves.

On turns 14-15 you lost 20 wits worth of units and movements and heals, and I lost 13. I’m not sure who came out on top here because I had to use a lot of wits to attack like I did but you also used a few to counter. I’d like to hear from @Torbreck or @ggggggggkkkkkk or anyone else who has input on this. There are a lot of great players on this forum, any advice or input is appreciated.

Also on turn 15, you killed my runner on the wit and it cost you 5 wits for the soldier and the moves. It costs me 2 wits to replace that runner. That was probably the worst move, unless you had a reason like distraction or something.

For example, turn 22 I threw so many wits bottom that were just a waste of wits. You easily took out all of those units and it cost me a ton to get them over there, however it was purely for distraction. My main objective was to take top like I did on turn 24. I didn’t know you had that sniper. If I had known I probably wouldn’t have taken that gamble. I was hoping your middle soldier would go down to kill my units.

That was a gamble. I knew you couldn’t see my set up and I was hoping you would think my mobi was still bottom because I recalled the runner down there. It worked out for me but all you had to do was move your soldier in the middle of the base above the soldier that was right above him. This is a good reminder to always try to have vision when possible.

This would have stopped me. A healed runner top for vision but far enough away from soldiers. Then you know you need to move that middle soldier up but save that for last because you aren’t gaining any vision or killing anything with it.

  • Healed runner top
  • Move bottom soldier out of the way. On wit or anywhere you want him where he is out of the way.
  • sniper up to kill soldier.
  • heavy down and spawn runner to kill heavy.
  • last wit would be moving soldier up to block me from winning.

It would have been hard for you after that because I could have killed both soldiers and hit the base for 1. I then would have had a bunch of stuff top and all your stuff was bottom on your side of the map, but it would have stopped me.

It’s easy to see this after the fact, hard to know what to do in the moment sometimes. You played a great game aside from wasting so many wits bottom (I think that’s why I ended up winning). You were a great opponent and that was a fun match. Thanks for your time to play it with me. Hope this helps a little bit. If you want me to remove all this just let me know and I will remove it right away. Gg @Nole