Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS



ColossalGiraffe vs General Fracus. ColossalGiraffe wins.

@General_Fracus GG man :slight_smile:


GG man, well played. Have you ever heard of the band, Steampunk Giraffe?


No unfortunately. I’ll check them out though :slight_smile:


Hans won vs Torbreck.

Good game


Thank you for the game analysis @Cmss220!


You’re very welcome. I hope it helps! i will always be happy to review any game you want me to. I’ll help anyone that wants my opinions on their matches.

I’ll play 1v1s with anyone that wants to as well.


Man! What an epic match. Great playing by both sides. You are proving to be an amazing player lately Hans.


Thanks=) On turn 11 I had the win, within two turns. But I counted the wits wrong=/. He needed 8 to defend, but would only have 6. I counted that he would have 9…=)
An awesome game to win. My best match yet I believe=)

Torbreck could have holded at the end though. Had he moved the runner closer to his base instead of taking out mine. Not his best game


Not forgetting the epic fail of forgetting to cover my sniper on turn 12 ! Planed to do it, forgot and pressed done…oops.

Gg @HansJoachimAa well played sir !


Thanks! Yeah:) if you had not lost that sniper the game would be longer. But I think I still had a better position.


Apologies for the wait everyone, but round 4 is now over. @Phants beats @Yarazny on foundry, which I believe leaves me and @HansJoachimAa as the last 2 unbeaten players…so I guess I’m in for a tough one next!

It turns out my attack on turn 12 was a good move!

Gg and well played


@LegacyofEight next round ?


Starting :slight_smile: sorry for delay


theFATangel vs. MariannaH1991

theFATangel wins!



@Phants! The round has started:)


Sorry, had a busy weekend away at a friend’s wedding so a little behind on outwitters, hope to catch up and get started tomorrow


Torarica1 vs cmss220; Torarica1 wins


For some reason I thought you were clever league. I greatly underestimated your abilities! You played really well! I want revenge!! Hope we meet again soon!

I almost even got a bramble on one turn then thought better of it because it would have been a horrible move haha.


Huge fan of this game, so anytime👍


InsomniacDoodat > nolekennedy