Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


I think legacyofeight knows that the leagues have nothing to do with skill. It is just that these new guys didn’t understand that the ranking is from the weekly elite list.


Yeah more hoping to get the info out for everyone. I really don’t think the rank within the league matters at all. Wish there was a ranking system for all players to know where they stand before the top 100


Super titan
Weekly top rank #7


Like to join!



Just back playing Outwitters after an extended break. This will be my first ever tournament.

Chc4me Gifted league


Hey! Are we going to have one big group? I think we should have two separate groups.
One for master and STs and one for players in gifted and lower. Maybe gifted players could ask to join the master/ST group if they feel good enough.
I think a two group setup would be more fun for everyone.

How many games are we going to play each player?
I think we should have two games. Because then matches can be drawn. Which is good for matchmaking in the swiss system. If we start the two games at the same time, the rounds are almost as long as a round with a single game. Each players also gets to pick a map each. Were in three games, and one game, one player would have the advantage.

( I am very familiar with the swiss system. I have played at least 100 chess tournaments, and been a chess tournament referee a couple times)


Count me in too:
Gifted(4) but I could play higher


This sounds awesome. I would be interested, but I only take turns during the weekdays and only once a day, so I would probably bog down this tournament. Thanks for setting it up though!


ah, this sounds like too much fun. If the rounds are only a few games a person can I join?

not sure where you would place me though.


I would guess at least high masters. Want to play a friendly with me to see about where you stand?

You may be solid super Titan still


Rank 29


Ehhh my guess is still top 20 area. You don’t lose that much, and as a former top 5 player I expect good things


Some practice games sound fun, spccsc. I need to get the uber pack first and work out some install issues I’m having.


Send me an invite whenever you want. Cmss220 is my in game name


Game day tomorrow! Good luck and have fun everyone :smile:


Games have started! Please start your game ASAP


Good luck have fun everyone!


Everything is good now:)


FYI - I spelled my name wrong. It should be SirCourtnayPenrose (rather than Sit).


Sorry about that. All fixed now