Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


SirCourtnayPenrose won




Hi, I haven’t been invited het, but when I try to find my opponent(s)he is not found. IM isn’t straightforward either
Opponent: <(Kenny_6)>)


Put asterisks before and after his username
@LegacyofEight Kenny’s username has asterisks before and after his username, but the forum autoformats it


Thanks Doodat. Just searched that one up myself as well.

  • <(Kenny_6)> *
    With no spaces
    @kingarthur let me know when you start it just to make sure it’s all good


My first tournament so apologies if this is a silly question. I won the battle but the Challonge table had not updated. Is there something I need to do? Chc4me


Hi @Chc4me if you post the replay link then @LegacyofEight will update the challenge site with the result - it’s a manual update, there’s no automated link with game results


I guess I didn’t quite make it into this one, but now I get to fully cheer on my buddy, Torbreck!


Pan Rozum won:


Hey Cor - I’m more than happy if you want to take my slot - would be great to see you back in the saddle - I haven’t received the invite yet so you could easily slot if if you like ?


Hello! Time to play! When u make a game? :slight_smile:


I can’t seem to invite you to a game because Iutwitters can’t find your username. I know it’s a flag (Russia?) emoji or something. Please advise


oh, my… right! my username in game center contain emoji (ru)
maybe i try find u?
or i can try change nickname without emoji


I’ve tried everything when searching for you in Outwitters (including the emoji) with no luck. I’m fine being player two and you searching for me if it is easier.


Hmm, Torbreck, that’s mighty kind of you. I still have to buy the Uber pack though, so I’m at my limit. I plan to buy it tomorrow though, so I’ll let you know. Is sdmario still in the tournament?

If it’s OK with Legacy, we could also just start a friendly where you are player 1 and if he doesn’t want to do the tournament then we can continue our friendly game as a tournament game.

My account name is 1Cor13:4


Sdmario has sent through the invite so we are now underway. But perhaps if someone else is a no-show and Legacy agrees you could be an alt?


If a master/st player is AFK I’d love for Cor to join !


_SaltyVinegar won


Thanks, Legacy. Let me know if someone is missing!


YouKnowMe > Master THC