Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


i change nickname in Game Center = Yarazny.[RUS] like reg in champ.
i think its honestly if u will player one as drawing of lots.



Ryzuma won


Hey @LegacyofEight
If there is a spot open, in next round or maybe this? I have a friend in gifted that wants to join.


Sorry no. Tell them to send me a friendly though!


Player one is random, yes. Thanks for changing your name Yarazny!


If you want to let Intimidation’s friend in, I could play him. I’m pretty rusty. He could be player 1 and choose my race if he wants.


Cmss220 0
Intimidation 1


@Intimidation @Cor134

I took a look at Challonge and since the tourney started I can’t add participants unless I completely reset the bracket. Sorry

I can try to look into a workaround later but don’t count on it.

Int can I have your friend’s username just in case?


Gg @Supercords

Win for @phants with an aggressive mobi opening as P2 on thorn garden paying off against veggie opponent


MariannaH1991 won due to struza never accepting the match.




Yarazny.[RUS] won


@sturza1 you there? If not, you think we could replace sturza with the gifted friend @LegacyofEight


His username is Daniel S B 2000


@MaRi_AnNa @Intimidation @Doodat

I sent a PM to Sturza. If he doesn’t reply in the next few days, Int’s friend is in.

Marianna would you be willing to play someone new for your first round?


Sure. That’d be fine as long as it’s someone close to my in skill level :slight_smile:


Thanks for the flexibility @MaRi_AnNa
@Intimidation if you could confirm with your friend for me that he is ready to enter that would be great. Once that is confirmed, Mari you can start a game against Daniel S B 2000


I sent him a pm:)


Papaya1014 won:


And I’ve got a question:
I’ve advanced to Gifted a while ago, what happens now?


Two quick questions @LegacyofEight

1- I lost my first match. Am I out for good?
2- Do higher league players eventually play against lower league players as the tournament progresses further?


@Jiraffa @Papaya1014 I know you didnt ask me but I know the answer:)

  1. Everyone plays 6 rounds. ref:

2.After the first round your league in ranked doesnt matter anymore. You meet players who have won about as many games as you do in the tournament. Jiraffa you lost your first round so you will meet someone that also lost their first round. So you might meet a ST in the second round.