Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


@MaRi_AnNa @LegacyofEight
Hey! I am ready to play.
My id is Daniel S B 2000


Hi @Jiraffa

I’m new to a ‘swiss’ style tournament but as I understand it everyone will play the same number of games whether they win or lose (I’m guessing 6 as this is the number of rounds on the Challonge website). In each round people will be matched with other players on the same number of wins (or as close as possible) so as the tournament progresses you will tend to play people further from your start ranking - especially if you keep winning or keep losing!

So now we wait for the remaining round 1 games to complete then the draw will be made for round 2.

Hope that makes sense - if I’ve got it wrong I’m sure @LegacyofEight or one of the more experienced tournament players will correct me.


Ah - looks like @Intimidation beat me to the answer, but as he’s one of the more experienced tournament players I was referring to I’m sure he’s right!


Okay. That makes sense :slight_smile: Thanks


Let me know when the game starts! Thanks for being flexible


I’m such an idiot. I didn’t even realize that was the tournament. So dumb. Nooooob[quote=“Chc4me, post:67, topic:13459, full:true”]
My first tournament so apologies if this is a silly question. I won the battle but the Challonge table had not updated. Is there something I need to do? Chc4me


And will the other players can see the others’ games?


Gg sdmario

Win to Torbreck - 2 bombshells and 3 scramblers !



Yes, paste the game links that have been posted on this thread onto your browser and you should be able to watch the game replays - and there have been some really good ones already!

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And will the other players can see the others’ games?


Funny one! :supertitan:


What browser?


Any internet browser - e.g. If I paste the ‘outwitters viewgame’ link into safari on my iPhone I get a message ‘open in outwitters’ and then the replay will open in the outwitters app.

Some people post the OSN (outwitters sports network) links instead and that will take you to the OSN website where all replays are viewable on the website


Crushed me like a grape. :slight_smile:


Am I in on this?


I can’t… T-T


If you’re talking about a game, you need to check the first post for the bracket link and who you should be playing


It started


Win to thomastundil



The replay says that Torarica1 wins!? The next turn torarica1 would win the game.


Lol, excuse me , written it down wrong, I win. Good eye!