Friendly 1v1 Tournament WINNER: PHANTS


Woo hoo - we’re on to round 2!


Oh my goshhh yay, do we start our next round now?


Some delay bc of a potential AFK but check back in a couple days. Thanks for being patient!!


Round two has begun with Godistak subbing in! Please start your games!


First blood in round 2 to Torbreck.


theFATangel wins versus _SaltyVinegar



Does anyone know how to post game links that appear stylized?


Stylized links don’t exist anymore I don’t think.


That stinks, I realized I hadn’t been seeing them lately and was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Thanks Doodat!


Hello! I have some trouble with starting my game, cause I can’t select another type of creatures. I can’t restore my purchase after I updated game. What should I do?


KingArthur won


@Yarazny you’re going to have to say your ID and platform for Alex


My partner doesn’t exist in the system when I try to start a friendly against them. Help!


My ID in game or Apple ID? And who is Alex?


the player changed his gcid now it is


Alex is the main coder and can manually set your purchases I think. In game id


Who’s Alex? A God among men, 1/2 of the creators of outwitters.


Just fixed the bracket


Thank you. But sorry for one more stupid question. How I can find him? Where I shoud write?

And what I shoud do with tourney. I can’t select and while I wait I lose game automatically . :frowning:


All you need to write down is your ID here.