Funnest 2v2 I've had the privilege of playing


We were down early and it looked like 'twas to be thorough routing.

Thanks to some nice defensive turn order play we were able to stave off the attack and pull off a decisive comeback.

Once on our heels, I played my best game yet. The checkmate move at the end was one that took 45 minutes or so of looking at the board before deciding on it. Respect to my ally and our opponents. Super fun game.

Hope this match can provide some good entertainment and perhaps insight into 2v2 strategy. Cheers

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Turn 9, looks clever, but not building special had saved heavy. Heavy is useful for adorables to reclaim that bonus hex. Also moves with shell during following turns. Plural means used wits.
Turn 46 retreat is mistake in my opinion. If attack has no legs, wrong choice has been done earlier, of course. Since feedback is not strong attack force on Acrospire, I had took the base hit. It would have been logical.
I hope turn 52 unshelled was an error, yet reshell on location had been better than following moves by bombshell. But without adorables 2v2 team is slow.


Thanks for the Analysis Juslas. Good points on turn 52, the unshell on 52 does seem like an error, since they had vision and there was no real threat.


Variations and errors adds fun factor. All players involved are known to take turns promptly. Watching replay fast forward shows balance sifting that is synonymous to fun game.
Opening and immediate reaction to that is the key thing to be studied from replays. End game is all about preparation to have resources to execute. Much harder to analyze from long replay.