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First of all, congratulations to Alex and Adam - you have come such a long way and really outdid yourselves with this bomb of a game that you just dropped! I’ve been intrigued about the game since the day you said it’s an Outwitters successor, but I wouldn’t have thought that this feels and plays out so excellent. It is by no means just a good ol’ simple guerilla developed Tilt to Live (1) - Hex Gambit is a very promising title, both in terms of gameplay as well as in its design.

Of course, there are a large amount of Early Access product issues that need to be ironed out one after another. But these mostly don’t seem too critical right now and shouldn’t distract us from the actual gameplay mechanics too much.

I am most excited about having more unit classes to choose from in the future, because that diversity is what will make games a lot more inciting.

So from the dozens of games I’ve participated in so far I can tell that Brutes are the most valuable unit class right now. If you lose both, your only chance to win the game is by backdooring the enemy pillars somehow, which can get tricky once you lose control of the board.
It is a little awkward that the best unit to take out Brutes are… Brutes. It reminds me of Outwitters’s “4HP Soldier issue”, although you can’t endlessly spam Brutes thankfully. I’m not completely certain as to whether Brutes should really be allowed to crowdsurf as they deal such a large amount of damage it’s crazy.

The second best unit appears to be the Motivator, which I unfortunately have never gotten into a really good spot to Intimidate enemies. It renders enemy Soldiers useless prior to 4VP and helps your tanks stand their ground. It kind of worries me but it really is too early to say. I’ve gotten into situations where I wouldn’t wanna attack my enemy, but for the sake of trying it out went “Leeeeroooooooooooooooy Jeeeeeeenkiiiiiins” regardless, so the about-to-become-a-stalemate resolved itself rather quickly. In a tournament setup I would probably be more careful, though.

Anyway, I’d like to hear what you all think about the game and what things should be considered for improvements gameplay-wise. :slight_smile:


Agreed, despite the rough state the game mechanics feel well thought out, complex and fun! Congrats!

I’m a little worried about this Brute thing; if the best strategy is to deploy your best units and just try to snowball it will not provide much variety. Improved comeback mechanics, longer games, or all units about the same strength (“value” not attack strength) comes to mind

Will be interesting to see how the metagame evolves!


Thanks for being understanding about the alpha state, this is definitely the worst condition you’ll see the game in, but it’s fun to get some high-level testers in to really compete.

Brutes are interesting, I have an eye on that. We never used them this aggressively in early testing (with any success). Alongside two support units, they’re definitely an intimidating opener. Against Harti as P1, one bad move and it was game over. I had a few interesting plays against him that I’d screw up with misclicks or wrong execution orders (multislash the Motivator to kill it, THEN the guy beside him). Hard to say without playing some more.

My sense is that it may be an FTA issue, because we all have the same teams here. So we may look at nerfing the brute’s HP in the future, nerfing the Motivator’s inspire to no longer be passive, or giving player 2 an extra unit drop for the opener.


Another thing, isn’t the unit’s special abilities supposed to be based on the opponent’s victory points and not yours? Even without abilities the game is very “snowbally”

–edit-- might have been too quick on this one. If other stuff gets balanced it could solve this --edit–


@Alvendor what’s your steam? I’m going to test this strat against you.


@Doodat think its alvendor1


I don’t see you. Hmm, well my steam is so add me really quick


Currently it is unplayable on a low end laptop.


Are you able to go into the video settings and try lowering them or is it impossible to even open?


There are no video settings=( I can play Counter strike, factorio, and many other way more demaning games on this computer. It just that hexgambit is not optimized at all yet.


if you go to options there is a button called ‘Video’. You can toggle things on/off there for performance reasons. The UI for options is very bad at the moment as it was a last minute thing. So the button’s aren’t exactly clear. It’ll be improved soon.


Tapping a pillar should count as an attack (i.e. you cannot attack or use abilities the same turn), in my opinion.

While it does feel great to tap their pillar with your Defender and shut their only way of supply off using Blockade, it probably feels awful for your opponent. Furthermore, destroying a unit and then tapping the pillar makes defending in a bad spot nearly impossible.
However, I won quite a few games by tapping the pillar I was standing next to, then crowdsurfing the enemy lines to their weakest link, and finish that off. In these situations, the game was very clutch and usually my opponent made some elaborate decisions to deny further Pillar taps on my turn. They were so confused why I was able to defeat them regardless.

Of course, there is one drawback of this proposal - if the defender can keep supplying their Pillar with meatshields, it will slow the attacker’s progression down drastically (and unnecessarily).


I have an idea that would address this in a roundabout way, but have to meet with Alex to talk shop on it. We don’t want to make too many big changes before we’ve spent time with the game as it is.


So after playing a few games with the new rule set, should we maybe discuss it a bit here?

First of all, I think reducing the VP on tapping pillars is definitely the right call. There might be an argument to be made that for other maps this might be different, but for the one we have right now, I think 1 VP is a good value.
While the explosive wins of getting many pillar taps in the same round was certainly fun before, it always felt like the game ended before the situation was really settled. But I think the important element of threatening many taps at once still exists at 1VP per tap, it’s just not the sole focus of the game anymore.

A downside of the change I observed in my games is that Runners are seen even less often than before. With minion combat being more important now, the Runners seem to be a bad investment.
So to start a discussion I would like to know if you observed the same thing in your games, and if so, what change could be made to the Runner? Do you think giving only the Runner 2VP taps would be too good?


That’s an interesting idea. The Runner used to have a ‘Hard Tap’ ability in a previous prototype, but with the VP values being higher it felt less interesting than Hard Surf. Could be worth revisiting if she needs a buff.

With the current rules, I can see the runner as more of a late game character. Using them early on would leave you with no army, but later in the game having a few on the field to exploit openings and chip away at enemies with hard surf could be useful. They’re easy to kill, but hard to keep off your pillars.


Leapfrogging seems too powerful of a mechanic. It allows two 2-move units adjacent to each other to pretty much move 4 spaces each, by taking turns surfing over each other. Granted, it’s limited to a straight line - but it does seem to mess things up a lot. Reason for my post is, I just won two games against Salvador, simply bypassing his power by moving over to the next pillar. Other obvious issues include @Doodat’s rush tactic.

I think that a unit should only be able to move once per turn, before or after performing an action. This disables annoying run-and-hit-and-run tactics too.


Leapfrogging is actually a bug; I didn’t realize it was possible. The intended movement mechanic is what you’re describing: each character can move to one new space each turn unless you use shout to reactivate them.


Ah, that’s a shame - I enjoy the creativity of coming up with outrageous and unexpected multi-moves, but it did feel like it was a bit cheeky sometimes!


Oh, that changes a lot!


I wondered how you guys were running circles around me, haha.