Have you built a keyboard?


Do you have a couple spare LED lights?
Do said LED lights happen to be 3mm, white, and dome shaped?

Then can you please PM me? Broke an LED (maybe two) on my brother’s gaming keyboard by spilling water. Keys work fine, but the backlights won’t light up and if my dad and I can’t fix I think he’ll want me to buy him a new one. Lights aren’t expensive but I don’t want to buy a 100 pack if I can avoid it. 3-5 would be just fine. Posted on all my social media to see if anyone has anything lol


Part of me died hearing that


True gamers never look at their keyboards!


True gamers also don’t spill water on keyboards that don’t belong to them


Haha fair enough :wink: which lights are you talking about? Caps lock, num lock ect lights, or lights that light up a keyboard so you can see what you are typing in the dark?


The backlights on a mechanical keyboard. My dad’s going to help me solder them on


Probably just easier to get the pack on Amazon (100 for ~$10) or adafruit (25 for ~$6)


Actually I made a post on reddit and some guy offered to send me some for free! (I pay shipping)


Make sure it’s legitimate, but that sounds cool


Yup. Asking for proof and all that stuff, waiting for a response. The guy who’s sending them to me has completed many trades on the subreddit before and the mods are really active so I think it’s legit.