Help! I'm getting killed


Lately, I’ve been having so much trouble against Scallywags.

I can’t seem to stop the other team from creating a massive amount of the Bombers…what’s your favorite strategy playing against this race?


My favourite strategy for playing against Scallywags is to not play against Scallywags. Alternately, you should play as Adorables.


Attack early and often, don’t give them a chance to spawn any bombshells. If they do, use a mobi or scrambler to kill it.


I really loathe defensive bombshells. One problem is that I’m a big scrambler massacre guy, not an all I do is rush guy.

My favorite strategy against bombshells is to go in for the attack, and get my units bombed by two bombshells.

I suppose @Chrischeung28 is Chinese?


Indeed it is


So hard to work so fast, I need a new strategy on using wits


I’m terrible with Adorables for whatever reason


Uhh… That doesn’t leave you with a whole lot of room then. Maybe you should start playing scallies? That’s what I did when I started to believe that scallies were OP. (Though currently, I’m varying my race choices.) But also, if you decide to play scally, keep in mind that an SvS is a truly awful experience :wink:

Feedback also stands a chance vs. Scally, but scally has the upper hand. scally > feedback > adorables > scally (also veggies < scally, veggies < feedback, veggies ≈ adorables)


One of the biggest problems with Scallywags is that they are the free to use race. If you can weather the storm of the lower leagues and work your way into mid+ :master: you won’t have to worry about disproportionate Scallywags representation. From what I recall of that level, a lot of Adorables players there.


I’m new here, and I don’t know where to post this, but who wants to team up with me in 2v2



you might have more luck posting here


Ooh, I want to play some more 2v2. What’s your GCID?


Rar™ My rank is fluffy, I’m pretty average. And thanks gggggkkkk