Hex Gambit Arena


I know some people enjoy playing around with maps and such, so I made the Hex Gambit arena in the Outwitters Map Creator. I couldn’t color the towers, so just imagine the top two are blue and bottom two are red :stuck_out_tongue:



I like


Oh no, don’t bring this web application back to life :sweat: it is a monstrosity from my rookie developer days and I was actually about to cease its existence after monitoring activity for a bit longer, lol.


Welp, should have taken it down sooner :wink:

I doubt many people would miss it a this point.


I occasionally come back to fool around with dumb map ideas :smile: It’s a great site, I love it! :slight_smile:


looks at 6+ year old codebase of Outwitters

I know that feel. :no_mouth:


I would definitely miss it. I used it a lot and still do. Used it today actually.


I never disapprove of my old code. I just don’t look at it, ever.