Hex Gambit FAQ


Figured I would launch a FAQ thread for Hex Gambit, if there is ever an official thread, this one can be deleted. I’ll add to this as I have time and more information is available.

This is the main FAQ for Hex Gambit. Feel free to create a thread if your question isn’t answered here.

Q: Is there a Kickstarter campaign for Hex Gambit? A: Yes but it’s not quite ready yet. I’ll update this thread to add the link for the campaign when it begins.

Q: Will there be any incentive to donate to the Kickstarter?
A: Yes! Aside from supporting the developers to help them create the best game possible, there will be a delux edition of the game only available for Kickstarter supporters. The delux edition includes a copy of Hexgambit, a legendary pillar skin, and any DLC they ever release for free! Please visit this thread for more information. Become A Legend

Q: Which platforms will Hex Gambit be released for? A: Hex Gambit will be released on steam for windows and will also be released for the Nintendo Switch! Currently, there are no plans for release on Mac OS or mobile devices.

Q: What kind of game will Hex Gambit be?
A: Hex Gambit will be an asynchronous strategy game. Hex gambit will be similar to Outwitters but with unit abilities and more awesome content.

Q: Will Hex Gambit have fog of war? A: No, Hex Gambit will not have fog of war. It’s more designed for friends to gather around a tv or tablet and have an interactive experience.

I will add more as I see more questions pop up. Again, if Adam or Alex wants to make their own thread they are more than welcome to delete this. I am just trying to help out in any way I can. Hopefully people who have questions will see this thread first. The information in this thread is based off of questions that have been answered by Adam or Alex in various places of the forums.


I stole this and put it on the subreddt


I cleaned it up a bit and reworded a few things. Feel free to edit as you see fit. If you want to take over the FAQ feel free to take whatever you want, delete this thread, and make your own FAQ. If you would like me to keep going with the FAQ I will be more than happy to.


Can you help me finding information what is the goal of the game? Killing all enemy minions?
What happens after I keep attacking the pillar? Why should I do it at all?


The goal of the individual matches is to get to 10 victory points first. You get a victory point for:

  • Killing an enemy minion
  • Tapping the enemy rally pillar

The decision to do one or the other is up to how the game plays out and the circumstances.


Wow thank you, this explains a lot haha, I was playing some games not knowing what to do to win :slight_smile:

What should I do to unlock the other sub menu items in Play? Like Learn or Play local? On what level should I be to use those game modes?


The game is currently in early access, so those features will be made available for everyone once they are ready for release. The devs are working on them one at a time!