Hex Gambit Kickstarter - July 25th!


Originally published at: http://onemanleft.com/2017/07/hex-gambit-kickstarter-july-25th/

As our email subscribers already know, Hex Gambit’s Kickstarter goes live July 25th!

You’ll be able to grab the game at 30% below the final store price, or chip in a little extra to help us make Hex Gambit truly awesome. The cool perks you’ll find below, like free DLC for life and metal minions, won’t be available anywhere else! We’ll also have Early Bird discounts for our Deluxe Edition, so be sure to sign up for our email reminder if you haven’t already.

Here’s a peek at the rewards we’ll have on offer (click to enlarge):



Nice guys! The golden few is intriguing. Only 10 players will ever have it? I wonder how that will play out?!


Note to self: only live off dry bread and stale water until July 25


I’m curious what the prices will be…


Probably like 30 for standard, 50 for delux, and 5,000 for the golden few. :joy: How bad do you want it?!


This Kickstarter is only for the Steam version or it includes Switch version too ?


We’ll have the Switch version available alongside PC. Only difference atm is that PC players get Early Access to the beta.


Is there a date for early access beta? I main a mac, but I have bootcamp for PC games. Will be switching between the two OSs a bunch whenever that time comes :wink:


Current EA target is October. We’ll have the first five minions and hopefully all 6 captains playable by then.


Someone on the Reddit asked about hard copies of the game. I imagine it will be download only but any chance you could confirm, deny, or say if it’s too early to know?


are you talking about a retail boxed copy? Ya no plans on that.


Can it be played on iPad? Download steam from AppStore and play it through that app.


I believe not. The steam app on mobile devices doesn’t allow you to download games.


Yes that’s what I was taking about. Thank you for the information. I think most people download games these days anyway.


Chrome Squad VS Chrome Squad : How do you differentiate them ? :smile:


We’ve actually got home/away version for these.