Hex Gambit Pre-Early Access Tournament


The Wolfpack has been planning this for a while now, so without further ado, we proudly present The Hex Gambit Pre-Early Access Tournament!!

Unlike most of our tournaments, this forum will not be our base of operations. Because we potentially have a larger group of players than we are used to, we will be running this tournament exclusively through Challonge and Discord, both of which are mandatory in order to enter. The tournament begins November 2 and we will be completing one round per day in a single elimination bracket until only one man is left :slight_smile:! Links to register and join the discord server are below. We look forward to seeing all of you, as well as some new faces in the very first player-run Hex Gambit tournament.

GLHF Everybody!
-Phyresis, Doodat, and LegacyofEight :wolf:

Register on Challonge: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/fh7KBj808y
Receive Important Info and Announcements on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/e8F2bbX

Avatars At Last
Hex Gambit Alpha Manual

@phyresis @Doodat


Edit! We begin Nov. 2


What are the requirements for entering (do we need to stream our matches?) ? Will matches be streamed? How much of a time commitment will it be?


Has anyone gotten access yet?


We’re getting the steam keys organized. If anyone here has a friendpack or higher I’d recommend replying to the kickstarter survey soon so you get your keys when do send the email out.


No requirements for entry! You can complete matches on your own time, just make sure it’s one per day (~20 mins). Stream if you want but its definitely not required


Gonna hit you guys with a game balance tweak before tournament day.


Checking to see if any keys have been received yet? Still waiting for mine :slight_smile:


They’ve been sent out as of yesterday for backers that have PC copies. PM me or send an email to contact@onemanleft.com with your backer email address and I can get this sorted out asap.


Email sent, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Keys received. Thank you :slight_smile:


Deep apologies, I have been very busy in the past few days. I have (had, now) joined the tournament, listed as Veimarr. May I ask (for future reference), how do I start a game with specific people that I am not friended to on Steam?

Thanks so much and sorry for my absence (not sure how chipchimp won though)


You send them a friend request :slight_smile:


Much thanks!


sorry about that fracus. When we started the tournament we intended for it to be a very fast paced tournament for a multitude of reasons, one of which being the frequency of patches for an early access game. In order to keep the tournament moving I ended up DQ’ing 3 people who were inactive during the time that round 1 was intended to be played.

Hopefully you can play next time though, I would love to play with you again :smiley:


Thanks so much and see you there Phyresis!