Hex Gambit Release Notes


I’ll try to post relevant patch notes here for when we do roll out builds.

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  • Motivator’s Inspire now unlocks at 5VP (up from 0 VP)
  • Motivator’s Shout now unlocks at 2VP (down from 6 VP)
  • Defender now has 6 HP (down from 7 HP)

This update is live, but any games currently in progress will still be using previous version’s unit stats. New games will start using the new values.


  • Added Steam Async notifications. If you keep your steam client open, you’ll get a pop up showing you have a turn instead of having to open up HG to check. You will receive a notification upon next launch to ‘allow push notification’ if you wish to enable this feature.


  • Fixed 1v1 map tile issue. The north western tile is now usable on new games as of this posting.


Did you mean to bump the version number?


Nah. Not sure how i want to deal with server updates just yet. May just drop the version number there as technically it doesn’t apply. It basically denotes what version of the client you need to see the changes.


  • Reduced VP for tapping a pillar from 2 to 1.
  • Updated Apex Cup background in main menu




  • Improved memory management. Results in a more refined loading experience for boot up and for loading into games. Laying some groundwork to do audio integration properly.


  • Added a ‘Menu’ button in-game in the top right to access your turn list. Makes flipping between games faster.
  • Updated Main Menu background.



  • Added audio to several aspects of the game.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a highlighter bug where your hex cursor would duplicate across multiple games.



  • Player 2 now has 5AP to spawn units with on turn 2.

We do wish to add a potential single ‘roll over’ AP for player 2 soon, but wished to roll this out sooner rather than later as the roll over AP will take a bit more work to get in both gameplay/UI-wise.


Doesn’t sound intuitive, I don’t completely understand what that would mean. So you could only spawn 2 units if you so desired and then had 7 AP on your first action turn?

If 4 (P1) and 5 (P2) doesn’t work, try 3 / 4. Keeps the rules simpler.


You’d have your normal AP, plus one bonus AP token that looks a little different floating beside it. The normal AP doesn’t carry over turn to turn, but your bonus AP token would. So it functions as +1 AP on whichever turn P2 wants to cash it in.

Less elegant than a single spawn adjustment, but it’s an attempt to preserve P1s range of options/pieces to work with on turns 1 and 3. Removing too much from P1 leaves them waiting for reinforcements on turn 5 to start doing anything interesting.


Similar to Hearthstone’s “The Coin” that player two gets for 1 free mana crystal any turn. I think that makes sense, but only if the games are drawn out a bit longer than 5-6 turns.


We usually wait until we’ve got a ‘complete thought’ done before rolling out updates, but with scope of the changes we are doing it could be weeks before you guys get to see any progress updates. As an alternative and keeping with the spirit of the alpha (so you guys can get an inside look at how the game comes together) whenever the game gets to a fully playable/functional but maybe incomplete state we plan on rolling out updates.


  • added initial pass for voice overs
  • reworked some of the audio mixing
  • more SFX added for minions
  • some UI SFX added


  • started retooling the in-game UI look/feel
  • Added shortcuts for minion abilities
  • You can now click on an empty non-highlighted tile to ‘cancel’ an action.
  • Added outlining for minions and when selecting target tiles for actions.
  • Collision removed from barriers. easier to click on units residing behind barriers.


So the WASD map navigation (camera movement) had to go? :frowning:


For the moment, yes. Didn’t realize people actually used that though. We’ve still got a bit of work to do with camera controls but we’re open to other keybindings for abilities.


What are 1/2/3/4 currently used for?


nothing for the moment. May go that route or the conventional FPS/MOBA route and do WSAD + QRTY (for abilities) so it’s all near your hand. Will have to settle on one at some point, then ideally come back and make them rebindable.


The new UI features (especially highlighted units & allowing selection of units behind barriers) are a great improvement, thanks. Keep the updates coming please!