Hex Gambit Release Notes



  • added first pass of captain tiles. See the state of your and your opponent’s captain ability
  • updated in-game arena visuals


  • fixed animation bug with motivator crowd surfing
  • runners no longer stuck indefinitely on board after death
  • defender’s pillar tapping no longer plays multiple times


  • re-added WSAD, re-mapped ability keys.


The “yak yak yak” update is live!


  • Added chat support to games.


  • Fixed a networking bug that’d cause some out of order packet issues.


The More You Know - 2.5.339


  • added an info screen for minions and captain abilities
  • re-worked chat to be a little more fluid. just press enter to start talking, enter to send.


  • updated visuals of Neptis stadium


Click-Click-Spawn - 2.5.345


  • reworked initial placement phase UI
  • reworked spawn interface


  • fixed bug where flame traps wouldn’t load
  • fixed bug where blockades wouldn’t load


This is for your own protection - 2.5.349


  • Added visual effect for Salvador’s Protect ability.


Don’t Go Alone - 2.5.373


  • Added auto-refreshing of Turn lists when a new turn becomes available while you are in-game.
  • Added a chat toggle in HUD to change from All/Team in 2v2 games.


  • 2v2 mode is now live!


Would you kindly? 2.5.377

Bug Fix

  • Lolli’s Hypnotized units can now attack their own team mates correctly.


You win this round!

This update was a lot of backend work that is laying the foundation for us to support the Apex Cup features coming soon.


  • Added forfeit feature to main UI.
  • Added timeouts to games. (turn list items still need to be updated to reflect this)


Keeping it Brutal


  • Brute HP reduced to 7.
  • Brute Melee renamed to Super Melee.


Probably worth noting that Super Melee isn’t just a fun rebrand. It will eventually cost 2AP and have a unique icon.




Oooft! That’ll change the game dynamics! Will the brute have a normal melee for 2/3 damage?


No, it’ll replace his melee. Goal here is to make future loadouts diverse (with upcoming new minions), so everyone doesn’t feel like Brute is a must have over XYZ.


Wow, awesome idea!! Good job :slight_smile:


Great idea, that will go a long way to balancing things out I think.

On the downside I will have to come up with a strategy that isn’t ‘Brute angry…Brute smash!’


Copy That!


  • Added Confirmation dialog to ending your turn
  • Added a confirmation dialog to quitting the game when exiting from within a match


  • Brand new/improved stadium visuals


  • Brute’s Melee changed to Super Melee: Costs 2 AP and does 5 damage.


Never Back Down!


  • Fixed a bug with melee where if you tried to melee in a game on the old balance patch, the game would crash.


To The Top!


  • Apex Cup is now live! Join a faction and take to the summit!
  • Season automated to start/end automatically
  • Trophies added as end of season rewards


  • fixed a live play bug involving Super Melee for Brutes
  • Special moves unlock correctly in 2v2
  • Lolli’s Ultimate (Hypnotize) now correctly allows players to use the controlled minion’s abilities.
  • Fixed live play


Oh Hello There!


  • The turn list now indicates if the players in that list are online or offline via a small green indicator.


Could You Repeat That?


  • Replays are in! View what your opponent did last turn. Also for those tacticians out there, review the game from turn 1 to get a better read on opponents!
  • Camera rotation controls. Hold and drag with middle click to get a different view of the action.
  • Added camera bounds. No more scrolling off into nothingness!


  • added a back button to friends list
  • Updated Trophy Earned screen (comes at season end)
  • Trophies renamed


  • Fixed crash when selecting ‘auto match’
  • Fixed a bug where UI, tiles, and captain portaits would desync if a new player joined an empty slot. Live games should be fully playable now with a reload during initial joining.
  • Fixed a bug that would lock the camera during placement phase in online games.