Hex Gambit Release Notes


Move Aside! 0.4.453


  • Soldier’s push now costs 0 AP


  • Fixed Cold Feet not loading if active when joining a game.


  • Shift+U in-game hides UI (for those game photographers out there :wine_glass: )


To The Summit! 0.4.457


  • updated Apex Cup Tiles to have height differentials based on total amount of influence on them.


A Different Approach


  • Minions you don’t own no longer “get ready” when you select them.
  • A white hexagonal cursor follows your tile selection permanently.
  • A team-colored shaft of light appears over minions you own.
  • special move buttons disabled when it’s not your turn.
  • Updated text for special moves to improve clarity
  • Action Points in upper HUD now have a ‘spent’ darker icon
  • Action Points will shrink and darken in HUD to show how much AP is about to be spent when hovering over a special move’s in-world button.
  • End Turn now has a more significant notifier when it is the end of your turn after doing an action
  • Added a floating ‘Z for info’ prompt when hovering over minions
  • Added a floating ‘Z for info’ prompt for captain tiles
  • When attempting to move a discrete ‘move’ button now pops up on tiles.

Setup Phase:

  • Minions now snap to hexs.
  • dragging removed
  • Hovering over a placed minion gives you a delete button
  • ‘C’ now toggles spawn menu’
  • ‘Z’ toggles info in currently hovered spawn minion button
  • added minion name to top of spawn window

Captain Tiles:

  • Clicking on the actual tile intiates the ability
  • Clicking on it again cancels
  • ‘Q’ is a global key bind
  • for targetless ultimates like Cold Feet and Take a penny a confirm box is now shown.
  • On hover if the captain ultimate isn’t enabled, you’ll see a blue charge bar showing how many more VP the enemy has to get before it’s ready.


  • Thumbnails under Play Menu updated


  • Fixed a bug that prevented the spawn button from triggering on first click
  • Movement tiles are now properly updated after actions
  • Fixed end of Apex Cup Season cut scenes


Oooh That’s How It Works


  • Added info screen in Apex Cup Screens.