Hex Gambit's Kickstarter is Live!


Me too, very excited for it.

Also glad to see the explanation why it won’t hit mobile which makes perfect sense. I can now rest in peace lol. Doesn’t change how much of a bummer it is though.


I think tablets would be sexy, but then again the Switch is a tablet if you will. You guys thought of everything :joy:


:open_mouth: You guys just made my day! (Well, besides the Kickstarter opening up of course :stuck_out_tongue: )


Thanks for finally explaining why you won’t be doing mobile. I’ll stop harassing you now, haha. I’ll back you guys with what I can, but it will have to be a couple weeks from now. (Medical issues + crap insurance = broke)

Now I’ll miss out on early bird specials Thanks Obama!!

I recently streamed space food truck and a buddy from Finland saw it and bought it :smiley: (saw him streaming it a few days later) I’ll stream hexgambit when it’s officially released if that’s cool with you guys. Maybe I can get a few people interested.

Unfortunately my lifestyle doesn’t line up with the demands of the mobile market. I use my phone for everything and am very rarely on a computer. Still looking forward to at least try out the game and play a few matches. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and opinions.


Hey Adam, can we talk about that medieval Outwitters team concept art you nonchalantly unveiled in the trailer? I want to know what their deal is.

Although that’s not what’s on your mind right now so I’ll add that I backed the project and am looking forward to it. <3


Golden Few going fast. Get 'em while they’re hot!


Have gone for the chrome…but tempted to upgrade!


I have a feeling you’ll regret it if you don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh. Don’t pretend the decision to pull the trigger was so easy for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe I got one, maybe I didn’t… :wink:


This is the first time I’ve pledged a Kickstarter at the highest tier. Outwitters was just that great. Best of luck to OML in the months to come!

EDIT: For those of you thinking of joining us, there is only 1 left! Better hurry haha


Yup I got one gold pack earlier (guess I’m saving for a while :p). Posted this on the subreddit as well.


I checked cost to buy Parallels and Windows 10 licences to run Hex Gambit on my Macintosh. Cheap or used Windows PC could be bought with the same amount of money. Nintendo can be found on local store shelves, too. But I do not want to have yet an another device. And I do not play with computer, I have Macintosh after all. Mobile version later like OML did with Space Food Truck. I hope Kickstarter momentum does last and game delivers success at Steam. Making economical sense to bring it to mobile as premium tittle.

Here is OML generic statement about hardware requirements. Please note that specs are about Unreal Engine 4, not about Hex Gambit !

It’s still too early on final minimum specs for Hex Gambit. That said, recommended hardware as per Epic’s guidance for UE4-based games in general:
Windows 7/8 64-bit
Quad Core 2.5Ghz
Direct X 11 compatible graphics card


@onealexleft ill Early Access be available to all or will it be reserved for backers? I don’t have a credit card, so I’ll have to wait for the Steam release to get it (so I can use a Steam card).


If anyone got one of the higher tiers and ended up with an extra copy of the game that they don’t know what to do with, let me know :stuck_out_tongue:


I cracked this morning


You made a big hole in your wallet :smile:
Mine thank you, the last gold tier was eyeing me. I managed to resist :sweat:
Now i’m safe :blush:

Adam & alex will certainly reach their goal in less than a day,
I think they were not expecting it to be so fast :smile:
Great job !


So thinking about Outwitters 2, I was looking for ways to make update creation faster to keep things fresh for our players (Veggies took almost 4 months to get in). So I thought instead of races, what if we just added one new minion at a time and let people make their own team combinations out of them? Takes me down from 6 characters to 1 for the update, you get new stuff to play with a little faster, and there’s a ton of gameplay variety.

But the big question was: without races, what does anything look like? So the video has my early soldier and runner sketches, but we deemed the medieval look a little cliche. I was looking at a lot of final fantasy, esp. FF Crystal Chronicles in that phase. One of the reasons Hex Gambit is its own IP is that people had a hard time accepting the idea of an Outwitters game with no races.


I mean, the captains essentially correspond to races, right? The races in Outwitters also only differed in one special ability


Yes, I think like you. Captain of Hex Gambit = Race of Outwitters.

But what’s interesting about Hex Gambit is that you can choose every minion, which brings a far greater variety in the matches :slight_smile:

I take this opportunity to ask three questions:

  • Do you plan to add other captains in the future?
  • Will the game be cross-platform ? If so, will we be able to resume a game started on another platform ? (Which was not possible with Outwitters)
  • Can the brute jump over the opponents ? :smile: