Hex Gambit's Kickstarter is Live!


no plans atm. It’s all minion focused for the time being.

we’ll be trying our best to allow for cross-platform play. But no, you won’t have the same profile on each platform (similar to ios/android outwitters)





EA will be for all


I said it before, but I’ll say it again: I’m really looking forward to this game.

I am also excited about the “jumping over enemy pieces” mechanic - I have no clue how this will work out in practice, but it certainly sounds interesting.


For posterity, here is a list of the publicly identified “Golden Few”:

Memories… maybe
Echelaunch (me!)

4 others remain as “unknown” for the moment.

I look forward to all of us Golden Few showing off our Golden Skins in game in the hopefully-not-to-distant future!


To be honest, I think the chrome guys look better. The gold needs a bit more shimmer I think.


But they had to make graphics and sounds for all units plus new maps plus bases plus a new music. That is much more time consuming/expensive than just making one unit.


Did you hear that Adam and Alex? We need more shimmer, get on it!


No longer the case here, though. In fact, I would assume that one global effect by captains is easier to program than three specific unit abilities that interact with other game pieces in unique ways, PLUS all the 3D meshing efforts including animations.
Then again, Alex will likely be busy doing maintenance updates post-launch and if not that he’ll be trying to hack the next feature in… :thinking:

For what it’s worth, the variety of Captains in Advance Wars is what used to make it so great for me. There were so many choices to pick from which was awesome (yet hard to balance; some weren’t truly viable and others got banned from ladder play due to being OP), there was a character for everyone. Also each came with their own theme song. If that’s the case here, too, then I definitely understand the financial barrier included in making new Captains.
With that being said, only like 10 of the roster of 26(?) got played competitively, and only three were truly good in tournament play. So we should be good with six. At least for the time being. More Advance Wars resemblance would always wake more nostalgia :grin:


Hey! You’re still around. If Hex Gambit ever gets 2v2 we should play again!

@oneadamleft @onealexleft It is hard to tell from the trailer footage but is the gameplay such that 2v2 could work? Or would it not really make sense in Hex Gambit? I always thought that 2v2 was surprisingly fun in Outwitters and required unique strategies which made it an interesting diversion from 1v1.


In the Kickstarter trailer they say 1v1 or 2v2, around the 2:45 mark.


Ah you’re right. Didn’t notice when I watched it yesterday. Even more excited for this game than before (and I was already pretty excited haha ;))


Yeah, sure. My point is that they are functionally equivalent (and so HG’s system is better since it allows for much better scaling)


I’m getting more and more excited for Early Access as more stuff gets revealed (and also more and more desperately hoping that I can get Windows to work on my Mac)


Same, I’m having trouble waiting until October, I have to stop thinking about the game. (In a month I could take care on Mario & the rabbits :smile: )

With the kickstarter, we had a lot of information about the gameplay that looks solid and effective.
There is a better understanding of how captains work.
I wonder if some captains can use their power several times.

But I wonder if it’s fair to get 1 point by killing a runner or a brute, knowing that the brute has to be much resistant. :thinking:

Concerning the graphics, I was surprised by the new images in the kickstarter, I find the game even more beautiful and the animations very worked and fluid.
The game is really nice visually with the great effects of the Unreal engine, besides it seems to me that the cost of the engine is supported by Nintendo? (But they have to make a bigger margin than Steam :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

(Still sorry for my english, google trad :weary:)


omg yessss


no they are all one use per game.


nintendo doesn’t foot the cost. the engine cost is royalty based.


Yeah, I’m not actively playing Outwitters anymore, but I always followed what OML was doing. I would definitely like to play Hex Gambit with you again! I’m excited that there’s going to be a 2v2 mode.


w0o less than $1000 to go!