Hex Gambit's Kickstarter is Live!


Keep it up! I’m trying to get friends and coworkers interested, but having a tough time. Anyone have a good sales pitch on this type of game?


You can try to get them to try Outwitters first


I presented the game on several forums that I frequent, some knew already Outwitters and have backed directly the game :smiley:
The others were attracted by the simplicity of the gameplay and the neat and cute graphics. (Show the images of the game directly on the forums :wink: )
I think we must also highlight the mode 2vs2 which is rare in this kind of game and it is very interesting to be able to play with a friend in cooperation.
I also suggest to the video game sites to talk about the game (French sites), don’t hesitate to do the same :blush:


I’m curious to know the upcoming stretch goals. :slight_smile:
I don’t know how it usually works on Kickstarter but I’ve seen plenty projects reveal most of their stretch goals upfront. It’s always nice to know what’s coming up and maybe certain features might be so appealing to backers that they might start recommending it more because they want the feature in.


All of the stretch goals are geared toward tournament play for you guys. First we have House Rules, which lets you enforce custom turn timeouts and VP goals in-game (and handicaps if you want to make your tourneys more inclusive). After that, we have a few Scenarios that tweak the game rules in different ways to give you some variety beyond vanilla Hex Gambit.

Thankfully, even if we aren’t able to hit all of our stretch goals, you guys can still do cool tournaments like “opponent chooses your loadout” or “everyone uses this randomly selected team” or “no captain powers”.


Well, it seems pretty clear that you’re going to hit your first stretch goal


I had to resort to the mobile app to back this, but at least I managed to back it.

How do you not realize you broke the login button to your website?

I’m getting the Switch Deluxe edition.


Wait, there’s a mobile app? Does it accept iTunes credit?


I don’t think so, that would have been nice. It seemed to support Apple Pay though, and I have no idea if that uses iTunes credit.


$142 to go


And we’re there!

Congrats @onealexleft and @oneadamleft!




That’s it, we’re there !
Now go to the stretch goal ! :smiley:


Anyone want to place bets on how much this is going to raise


Woot! We made it! Thanks guys and gals for your support!


Just read the through the Kickstarter update email, congrats again!

I’m curious if there will be any customization to friendly games even if the $15k goal is not met? I believe you mentioned something somewhere but I can’t find it. I do think these customizations sound great, especially variable VPs, and also the huge variety different combos will add. I hope you guys hit $15k at least, just worried as it seems the campaign has slowed down.

Thanks for any information!


@Memories wow is the DL logo already being changed to attract new HG players? Better start revamping WP @Doodat


Haha no, I just wanted a new icon. But that’s a good idea :wink:

Gotta prep for Hex Gambit hype!


I’ve just seen in the description of the captains that each captain has a team color (red, blue, green).
This means that we will only have 2 choices in each season ?


Yeah, these campaigns tend to slog in the middle, being most active at the beginning and end. Funding to $15k guarantees we’ll have the time to add those features we’ve listed, while coming up short leaves them on the “if we have time” list (where many of our ideas go to die).

After Kickstarter, Early Access will be another opportunity to fund improvements to Hex Gambit.