Hex Gambit's Kickstarter is Live!


Those were just for visual variety, you can use any captain you like on any faction you like.


Sounds good :slight_smile: I really hope we get there!


I’m pretty sure this will pass $15k, even with the slow mid-campaign pace it’s at. My estimate is that it’ll probably hit around $20k


What are you basing that on, though? I hope you’re right.


I was curious and looked up typical funding curves for campaigns. $20k is a ballpark estimate based on approximate growth rates so far


Up $400 today including a Chrome Squad, so that’s a good sign.


As a point of comparison, I know Dungeon of Zaar, a strategy game I had backed last year and released on PC & Switch, like Hex Gambit.

It was their first game, and as Adam said, their campaign was more active at the beginning and end of the kickstarter, they reached their goal of justness (25k€)

However, they made a worse performance, 2,465 € in one day


You can use Kicktraq to track Kickstarter projects. I linked to Hex Gambit but you can also browse other projects to get an idea of when the majority of their funding was received over the course of their campaign.


Thanks! I was looking for something like this.


Ey congrats on the kickstarter so far!