Hotfix for SFT


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Typically we have a long list of changes in our weekly builds, but this week we’ve spent most of our time planning and info gathering for some pretty large upcoming updates. So not a ton of time for bug fixes or feature adds this week, but we’ll be making up for that soon!
Reviewing the stats for our Dragon Sweat achievement, it looks like only 0.2% of you have been able to conquer that behemoth. A hint: at the start of the game, you're going to want to focus everyone's attention on helping the engie. The sooner he can overcome your draw pod situation, the better.
It doesn't qualify as a list this week, but here's what's new:
  • Fixed a bug where the damage output displayed on time fluctuation events were showing the incorrect amount.


Since this Update, I can no longer play the game on Windows XP. Are you going to fix this or can you provide a refund.


Hi @Laura_Holtzclaw!
Is the game simply not launching after the update? We’re currently looking into fixing this as soon as we can. If you could send a log file to that would be immensely helpful in getting this fixed faster.

####How to get log files on windows:

  1. right-click on Space Food Truck in your steam library and select ‘properties’
  2. click the local-files tab
  3. click browse local files
  4. click on the SFT_Data folder
  5. and copy or attach the output_log.txt into an email to