How to add friend in the absence of game center


so, i finally convinced a friend to get outwitters.

but in a post-game center world (we’re both ios, and i know it’s not gone-gone), we don’t know how to find each other.

point us in the right direction?


I am afraid that your wish cannot be acomplish as things are now with current iOS and Outwitters. My only advice to you and your friends is to have nicknames that are easy to type.

At Outwitters:
Select New Game, Friendly Game (Create), Invite. And type your friends Game Center ID.


thanks for the reply, juslas.

how does he/we find his gamecenter id?

he only recently got an ipad.


Was he asked to choose a username upon getting the app? If yes, then it is that name


Should be a Game Center section in the settings for the iPad. (At least there is for the iPhone)

If you open the Game Center section in settings, it will display their Game Center ID email, and username.


Settings / Game Center / Game Center profile
You can change your nickname infinite times

Fun trivia is that if you had Game Center nicknames as your friends before removal of Game Center app. Those multiple identities still show up in Outwitters. And since you can’t delete single id, you have those dead nicknames as your friends. Deleting one would delete all. And like I typed earlier, there is no way to add new friends.


There is a way to add friends that seems to still work on iOS. Just press add friend button and player id shows in your friends list in Outwitters.