I Love Outwitters Tourney



Hear ye, hear ye, sign up for the I Love Outwitters Tournament. This will be ran in groups of 8, single elimination. First come, first serve. Winners of each group will be seeded into an elite Outwitters Heart tournament, for an ultimate duel of love. Limit one entry at a time. If you lose, you may sign up for the next group. Love is hard, love is forgiving.

Please sign up with your GCID.

Player in the top bracket sends invite and picks level. Winners of each match, please post your replay link on it’s own line in this thread when your game is complete.

Sign ups -

Group A - Group A bracket is located right here!

  1. spacechef
  2. The Excellent Apple
  3. AlliDooisRush
  4. TheRinger
  5. =) Random Task (=
  6. TheGreatErenan
  7. cmss220
  8. big boss

Group B - http://challonge.com/Iloveoutwittersgroupb

  1. Flarp55
  2. raxor117
  3. big boss
  5. lucfig
  6. Phants
  7. Rob-bobby Orr
  8. 1NSAN3…


Lol I’m in.

GCID: The Excellent Apple




Let’s do this!


Count me in
=) Random Task (=


Small tourney! I’m feeling impulsive, so I’ll temporarily come out of retirement for this!

GCID: TheGreatErenan



Gcid: cmss220. Time to win a tourney


Gcid : big boss
would love to play this tourney


hate to do it but i would like to withdraw from this tourney don’t have the time to commit to it.


I’m in too.


Wait, darn. I’m the 9th person to sign up. Sign me up for the next group.


I want to be in if there is room.


@Apple @Doodat @TheRinger @Random_Task @TheGreatErenan @spccsc @big_boss

Group A tournament has started. Follow the link from the original post, player in the top bracket sends invite and picks level. Good luck and have fun.


Lost to spacechef wanna sign up again
gcid : big boss




Waiting for The Ringer to start our game.


@Doodat In case you didn’t see it, you are P1 in our game.







I am losing.