I Love Outwitters Tourney


I am winning.


Me please - HI THIS IS DOG





And so ends my brief return to Outwitters. Back into retirement now! :smile:


You could sign up for the next round. :slight_smile:


Bracket has been updated. There should be two games going on right now, how is everyone doing?


Are there any restrictions of who can enter?

I would like to participate, have never played a tournment before.

ID: lucfig


No restrictions, just be active:)


Have the two games started yet or not? Just curious coz it has been quite some time since there was any activity on this tourney


My game with Apple has started.


Ok that’s good to know. :smile:


My game with Ringer has started as well but it goes slow.


This is a lot my fault. Been busy lately. I try to take my turns when I can.


not a problem for me, buddy. take your time.



Gg, would have been really close if you didn’t fatfinger the soldier!


Bracket updated!


The Ringer unfortunately timed out :frowning:


Lame. Braket updated!



Gg, spacechef! Mobi defended his position as king of Reaper once more.


Bracket updated!