I Love Outwitters Tourney


has the game between @Doodat and @Random_Task started?




okz on which map and at what pace also what races both of you are using


L9 AvA late game


ohk good to know let’s see who is able to mobisnipe the base first :wink:



Conventional attack beats mobi this time.
Good game, Doodat!


I hope we manage to fill the second bracket too…


Nicely done :smile:


Congrats @Random_Task!

I will message the people who have signed up to see if they’re still interested. Alternatively, send me a message. Please sign up if you’d like to join.


I still am but how will the format change as the signups are less?


Can run a smaller tourney if necessary.


If the 2nd bracket is going ahead can I join?

GCID: Phants


I will be able to join Wednesday or Thursday if the bracket is still open.


Sign me up.
GCID: Rob-bobby Orr


Alright everyone, just one spot open & we can get this started with an 8 person tourney. Cmon, who wants to play?


Sign me up


Bracket is up! @Flarp55 @raxor117 @big_boss @lucfig @Phants @0rr @1NSAN3 @Dog


How many participants will make it to the elite bracket?


At the moment I’m just running single tournaments here. I find that interest wains after a while, unfortunately. Not enough traffic on the forums.


Still waiting for @raxor117 to start our game.