I Love Outwitters Tourney


Cracking game on with @big_boss on thorn gulley. Mobis everywhere…


Lol i have messed up big time you are going to win this one i have cruel plans of winning the last of 8 preliminary tourneys i am going to lose the first 7 :wink: jk you played relly well wasn’t hoping that you will be so good :slight_smile:


there’s still room for me to blow it I think! - too busy today to take my turn while I’m at work and need to think it through so I don’t mess up. will get to it tonight


Replay with @big_boss




3rd attempt - hopefully will get it this time. Replay with @big_boss



Bracket updated!



I won’t be able to start round 2 until next week if @Phants doesn’t mind.


No problem @0rr send me an invite when you’re ready…not sure if the top half of the draw is still going, it’s been v quiet!


Bracket updated!

How are everyone’s matches going?


Semifinal game started!


Thanks - got it. Just made my first move, but late here so turning in


@Doodat @lucfig @1NSAN3 @Dog

How are your games?


??? what?


I think he meant @Flarp55, not you.


Oops, yes, @Flarp55, not @Doodat.



Good game @0rr

Sorry about the ending - just that last move of your heavy opened the door


And someone really needs to help me get the nice graphic up for the replay! help


You should copy the outwitters replay link not the html link.You see an arrow besides the view button press that and the click on outwitters replay link and copy that.Also make sure you copy the link at the start of a new line



Hope this works otherwise my technical ineptitude will be exposed. Thanks for the help @big_boss