I Love Outwitters Tourney


I knew I was doomed when you mobisniped my soldier :smile:. Good game.


Choosing scallys on thorn gulley was a probably not a good choice adorables is too strong on this map


@Phants, I’m going to declare you the winner! No response from the other players, and there’s a couple other big tourneys going on.


Shall Phants and I play a final?


@Random_Task @Phants

Yeah, do it!


As winner of 1st tourney, Random_Task starts the game.

You should wait for a response from Phants so he knows what’s going on.


I’m good to start from tomorrow @Random_Task

Learning curve is steep around here - playing 1 ST making my brain ache…now 2 at the same time! I’ll try and enjoy it as a learning experience :grinning:

Thanks @spacechef enjoyed the tourney - and got my 1st win over a ST so won’t forget it for a while


I sent you the invite phants.


Got it - 1st move made. Good luck!



Shock result in the final (well, I’m still in shock)

Gg @Random_Task it was a pleasure to play you.

Thanks again for organising the tourney @spacechef


Well played phants! Congrats for the win!


Congrats @Phants :slight_smile: man you are turning out to be a beast am glad that we are not in the same group in the world cup :wink:


Well done @phants


Thanks @big_boss - I’ve had a good run, but I’ve still got a lot to learn… As @Mari_BK is currently demonstrating in the World domination match :wink:


I guess you give me to much credit buddy… Our game is far from over. You are playing a great game!


Enjoying the game…but you’re testing me with every move and there’s no room for mistakes!