I wonder


I wonder if @ggggggggkkkkkk could take 4 different accounts and get 1st-4th place in weekly elite with the 4 different races? He was able to get 1st with veggie so I bet he could.

I wonder if the best players from outwitters will be the best players in hex gambit? It sounds like hex gambit will be quite different from outwitters.

I wonder if the best players from outwitters could do really well In chess with little practice? Could some of the all time greats become grand master with 1-2 years of playing? In other words does outwitters skill translate to chess?


Outwitters has a too low skill level to compare with chess. PiT is great and all. But how many years has he been studying outwitters?
Outwitters is too new and has a too small playerbase to compare with chess in skill level.

But yeah I think it translates a bit.


I definitely think quite a few players at their peak could outclass PiT especially with a race restriction, but I don’t know how many if any right now would be able to


I strongly disagree. I’ve seen replays of all of the older best players and I really don’t think anyone can outclass PiT. Just my opinion though. That wasn’t what I asked anyhow haha

I also feel like outwitters takes more thinking and skill than chess. More moves, combinations. Maps, and wits. I could be very wrong because like I said I haven’t played a ton of chess in my life but from watching YouTube videos of grandmasters it just doesn’t look as complex on the surface. Then again they play timed and outwitters is 4 days you can think.


I think chess has a much higher skill cap than Outwitters. I’m not very good at Chess, but did notice that after I started playing Outwitters my mid\late Chess game got better. I started being able to see more ways of putting my opponent in difficult trades, etc.

I’ve been watching replays since I got back and I don’t notice any difference in skill ability from the top players than when I left. I think Pharmafan when he was playing was the best player I’ve ever seen =)


I noticed the same thing about my chess game cor! Felt like I saw so many things I never would have seen before. I never had the privilege to play with pharmafan but I do remember him being on the top of the weekly elite lists when I first started playing. Pharmafan if you are out there and want to play a game I would be honored!!! :stuck_out_tongue: in game name is cmss220! Just In case ;).

Guess it’s kind of like Muhammad Ali and mike Tyson back when people used to argue about the best boxers when Tyson was in his prime.

I don’t understand how chess can have a higher skill cap because of so many less factors but then again I’ve never played anyone really good. I’ll have to trust Hans on this one.


i feel the same way + we could kill multiple units in a single turn + we could easily have more/less than 16 unit count which is in chess

i think outwitters has more number of possible moves that one can play
so we have to think against more possibilities for example take the smallest map or any map in 2v2 which is 13*…
in outwitters which is SFI i think
we have 138 hexes to choose from while in chess we have 88
if some one is good at maths please do let me know which has more probable moves i’m curious

can’t really which takes more thinking and skill as i haven’t played chess since elementary school

P.S. i could be wrong


I don’t think so he can.I don’t think he can even top the list with scallies coz most players at the top play with adorables.Also playing 4 different accounts with different races would be really very tough am 100% sure no one can manage them with equal quality.


Are you saying that Scallywags can’t be in the top 4 =) I think they can!


Already been done. Remember Damirka?


Yeah, actually there were a few high ranked Scally players. I was almost exclusively Scallywag and was basically up there.

Although Adorables is more flexible, I do feel there are many maps where Scallywags excel. There are some maps where Adorables have a large advantage over Scallywags, but not as many as people think.


Thorn gulley and reaper is basically the only maps with a big adorables advantage right?

honestly if he can take the number 1 slot as veggie he can probably easily do it as scally as well. the limitations would be on time and willingness to try. This was purely a I wonder if he could scenario.

He could easily take his PiT account and this guy always account and play a few games to get ranked 1 and 2 since the game saves your elo from the previous seasons.


I was talking of the top spot.


That would be tough. Besides having to get 4 accounts to #1, you’d have to finish a game on each account in the same week, which would probably mean playing several at once and winning almost all of them.

I’m guessing it will be a lot of the same people.

People who are good at one strategy game will tend to be good at others, but Outwitters and Chess are completely different games so I don’t think Outwitters skill translates at all really. I’m not good at Chess, I’ve never played it seriously.
I don’t know much about chess ratings, but wikipedia says that <1% of rated chess players are grandmaster, so I doubt ANYONE could ever become that good in 1-2 years.


The game has evolved over the years. The best players now would easily beat the best players back then. They would have to come back and play for a while to get up to speed. Magic Guy got destroyed this season (a few times by @spccsc, actually). Torbreck. would beat ==Torbreck==.

If anyone could come back and be better than me, it’s Pharmfan. I learned by watching replays of all the best players, and his account was always the first one I’d check when I wasn’t sure how to play a certain map or matchup.

Not sure what you mean about race restriction

I’ll just leave this here :grin: ……

I did lose 4 games earlier in the season though


Sounds like a challenge. I was going to stop playing now that I finished off all my league matches with Veggie, but now I kind of want to start a scally account…


I’m not doubting your skill, but I haven’t seen any real change in the game since I left 2.5 years ago. If anything, I’ve noticed a weakening overall of players (not you, but in general). Probably because of player attrition.

The meta seems the same to me, although perhaps you have improved the meta for veggi enauts, all the other races are the same I think.

Mag!cGuy although a good player is not a very good example. No offense to Mag!cGuy (who’s replays I first started watching and learned a lot), but probably due to waning interesting, he was already starting to decline in the rankings before he took a break.

You could similarly point to other players who have come back and are doing great, I had to edit this post, because I thought I remember someone recently who just game back (other than GreatGonzales) and had played a lot of games and was doing great, but I can’t seem to remember who it was.