If there were a 2v2 "elite" tournament - thoughts


Two man left tournament took about year and a half (or even longer) to complete, gladly 2v2 Smash-up was much faster treat. As a lesson learned, I believe that best format for invitation 2v2 tournament would be round robin with odd number of participants. Playing simultaneously against everyone with equal number of games as team one and two. To limit number of matches - teams face each other only once.
With 5 teams that is only 4 simultaneous matches, with 9 teams it would require 8 simultaneous matches that might be too much for many of us. All matches were played on single map - and team would be awarded map specific championship.


I have been waiting to start a 2v2 tournament until the 2v2 glitch is fixed. Glitch had been around since android launch, and we haven’t seen any updates for it until recently on the new beta servers. But once it is impliminted, I would be very down for a 2v2 tourney!


For those that don’t know the glitch, 2v2 friendlies don’t let you play any other race other than Scally.


2.0.10 did fix 2v2 friendly race selection bug and that obstacle is now out of the 2v2 tournament’s way.
Medic replay animation bug fix has been announced by Alex and we can expect it shortly, when 2.0.11 is released. All tournaments benefit greatly when we can trust the game replay showing wits correctly.


Memories, Spccsc, OnionKnight, and myself just tested to see if the bug was fixed. Unfortunately it is still there. =/
Unless something has changed in the past day or 2?


Did you download the latest release of Outwitters though? I just noticed it a couple days ago.


I notice some love for 2v2 on forum. Maybe very limited edition tournament on single 2v2 map?


I would love to participate.