If you could make one change to outwitters


If I could make one change to outwitters, I would move the side spawn on sweetie plains back a little bit closer to the bases.

Either that or move the center spawn a little closer to side wit so you can reach it with a runner.

I think either one of those slight changes would completely change the meta on that map. Currently it’s kind of a boring map, just relentlessly attack opponents weak side until you win.

That’s what I would do, what would you guys do? (Aside from adding new races) haha.


Confirm dialogue on end turn button


Ah man I think you might have one upped me. I haven’t lost any games lately due to that, but I’ve lost enough over the years for it to be annoying.


I’d like to see the hidden ranking as a publicly visible value, or just a better way to get an overall picture of where you stand in the rankings outside the top ~50.

In-game clan support, whether that’s just visual (clan tag / banner) or some functionality (clan rankings, tournaments). I’m hoping hex gambit’s metagame accomplishes this a bit, but I do hope there’s support for smaller communities outside the three factions.


I would make an entirely new game, revolutionizing the gameplay from Outwitters in bold and exciting new ways.


Part of me wants to scream, “Blasphemy!!!” But the other part of me is intrigued.


coughcough HEXGAMBIT


coughcough OUTWITTERS2


Call me stuck in my ways, but I would love to see an outwitters expansion. More maps more races, confirm end eurn, balance changes on certain maps ect. I’ve said that countless times though haha.

Super hyped for hexgambit though!


I’d like a way to undo moves that didn’t give me vision advantage. I’ve lost countless games because I miss calculated my moves.


It’s a bit of a hassle but you can look up the “onemanleft” maps on outwitters map creator, you can then put in your units and whatever you know your opponent has. After the groundwork you have a map that is what you have in the game. You can then move units around as you see fit until you come up with a good move.

If I was playing for money I would plan every move this way, it does start to become a lot of work if you do this consistently though.


Yea exactly. That’s too much work for a game I’m having fun in :smiley: