IOS bugs


Hey, I don’t know exactly where else to put this and I could really use some help.

I recently bought SFT for IOS and I am loving the game. I am playing on an IPAD AIR 1

The problem is the game is sooooo buggy, and I don’t understand why.

I have had, up to now, general bugs like:

  • Discard pod shows 99 instead of the real value
  • When I use the captain’s teleport power or a hall pass I get the window to move with the cancel button, but even after moving the window does not disappear, though the button is not clickable (this is not always, though lots of times)
  • sometimes when I am checking the discard pod and back again (or when canceling an action on a card), when I get back to the normal ship screen there is no bottom bar (with card pile pod, card hand and discard pod).

Also, the game gets extremely laggy sometimes and I think you should always be able to cancel a card’s actions. Sometimes I press a card by mistake and there is no way to cancel it. Only some cards allow you to cancel the action.

Does anyone know when these problems will be addressed?
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


And two more bugs.

  1. Sometimes after engaging with the captain the message to Dock it! shows up on the middle of the screen instead of on the bottom right corner.

  2. Win or lose after the final message shows up and I click continue I immediately get kicked out of the game and have to restart it. Case in questions I just won on easy (after 3 games I lost… wow this game is challeging, deliciously so hehe) on turn 89/90 and got kicked out of the app.

Finally, just a bothersome thing, if I click on a crew member that is on the bridge to check his hand, I can see the symbols fine, but if I click on them (to show the card), then the card is only half there (half off-screen).

Well, since I finally beat it (which was burning my head) i think I am going to put it on hold for a while until the bugs get fixed, so I can also play one of the other hundreds of games sitting on my collection.

Thanks for a wonderful game guys :slight_smile:




SFT is basically in low priority maintenance mode for mobile atm, unfortunately. Right now, any maintenance time I have is going into Outwitters and fixing some server stuff there and updating the engine. After that I’ll be revisiting SFT and fixing any bugs I do have noted.



I hope you can improve the UI for the game. It may work fine on Steam, but there are problems on the iPad. For example:

  • Navigating the galaxy. It was difficult to zoom in to see exactly which stars were connected. Then when planning the jumps between stars, I was unable to back track to select a different path. Instead it counted as a second jump. I think I also had problems selecting the star I wanted to select. In addition, it was difficult to navigate and close the info boxes on stars I had intel on.
    There should have at least been a cancel button so I could re-plan my trip. The only option was Done, which then started me down the wrong path and wasted a turn for the captain. Very frustrating; it happened more than once.
  • The scientist. When it was time to choose an upgrade, I had to remember beforehand which ones I wanted to select. I couldn’t select an upgrade that had already been revealed to see what it was then do the upgrade.
    When viewing the upgrade paths, after selecting an upgrade, it should have been easier to hide the information again. Instead of requiring a touch in the middle of the upgrade, the selection of a different upgrade should have closed the previous one.
  • Selecting the ingredients to see info about them was difficult. I had to hit just the right spot. Then the text appeared under my finger. It disappeared after I removed my finger. It should have stayed until I touched somewhere else. The behavior should be similar to how selecting a person and their card information pops up.
  • Knowing the cards in each deck. I don’t know if it is part of the game, but it would be nice to see what cards are also in the draw pile (not the order) or at least all the cards that each character has.
  • I’ve seen the discard can state that there are 99 cards in it when it is empty.
  • I’ve also had a few crashes, one that restarted my ipad. Contact me if you want a crash log.

I really hope you can fix these up, the game is fun to play, but it is challenging enough without traveling to the wrong star or wasting jumps. Thanks!


Thanks for the feedback @KYakerDude! I’ve logged your feedback in our bugs db and we’ll be reviewing them once we’re in a position to update SFT again.


Well here i am once again. I hadn’t played this in some time, so i downloeaded it and cherged it up again. Sigh… second turn into a game, i select engage with the captain, the card goes up and i simply cannot do anything else. I can click on cards to boost it, but then i cannot do anything, no buttons show up, no map, nothing…
Please just run the game and fix the darn bugs. The game is awesome but once again, why is it so buggy?


While the bugs do keep me from playing it any longer as well, I think the way you put your criticism is rude.

For what it’s worth, for me it isn’t unplayably bugged - I just needed to learn to be more patient with it. Let animations finish before you perform your next action, don’t push dialog buttons “too fast”. Unfortunately the game loops are very reliant on you dismissing dialogs in the correct order and if you somehow mess the order up (e.g. by clicking stuff too fast), it’ll no longer work. Usually as the developer you would get around to catching all those marginal cases and making them more error proof, but it’s a ton of work. (Also, if it somehow still crashes on turn 2… be happy it crashed on turn 2, and not on turn 20. I think it’s silly to complain about 1.5 “wasted” minutes)

I don’t think you fully understand what it means to embrace a new game engine, develop an awesome game for it, eventually decide to make it available on iPad and go through the hassle of porting it, barely getting it to run but not wanting to overhaul the complete code base of the game due to a few tiny bugs that can be worked around. We can be grateful enough we got this game on iPad to begin with, and don’t expect to see bug fixes as they’ve moved on to put their manpower into Hex Gambit.


Wow… you are telling me my comment was rude? Really?!?

Ok i will try not to go on a rage here, but where do you get off saying my comment was rude? Why because i said the darn bugs?

I find it amazing how dismissive you are of game crashing bugs of a game that has been out for months… to the point that i must ask if you are on the dev’s payroll…

Two things from your comment that truly “disgust” me (the mentality/principle of it). If it crashed on turn 2 be glad it was there and not on turn 20… really? That is borderline idiocy. So i must be glad my game crashes ever so often instead of being able to play it? Wow… you did pay for the game right? Because I did!

Second. I won’t just copy the whole last paragraph, but i find it delicous that you say we must be grateful that we got this game on ipad. Sorry but are you a bleeding idiot or are you just making fun of the money i spent on this game?

I paid for this game! I already said i loved the game, but i expect that when i get a game, i get to play it! Not just stare at the beautiful screens and after every 2 minutes be forced to quit and restart it because it is buggy.
You don’t expect it to be ironed out? Well i pretty much expect it too or i will be asking apple for a refund for not being able to play it.

Now there, was that rude enough for you? Now you get a post you can actually report for being rude, instead of moaning about the rudeness of a neat comment…


I didn’t find his criticism rude, Harti. He was just a concerned player :confused:


OML is a two-man game design studio, so they can only spread themselves so thin. The devs are currently focusing all of their effort on their new game, Hex Gambit. I totally understand how much it sucks to pay for a game and then find out it’s incredibly bugged, and I will tag the developers @onealexleft just to make them aware of what’s going on. I don’t know how much you should expect in terms of an immediate fix, especially because Hex Gambit is getting closer to release, but just stick around and see what Alex has to say.

I really don’t think anyone meant to be rude and I hope that the forum stays a positive and happy place. I was a beta tester for SFT, so I know how frustrating it is to play that game with so many bugs and I hope we can find a solution for you. Welcome to the forums @Avaniar, let me know if there is anything I can help you with


Admittedly, stability in SFT wasn’t our finest. It was a hard lesson learned, and we intend to improve upon it with our follow up games. The only consolation I have is, typically, a restart of the game fixes most bugs with no/minimal data loss. Knowing the complexity of the issues at hand, I doubt we’d ever have the time to go back and re-work the UI system to squash those last bugs (that have several symptoms).

To your question, “why is it so buggy?”. It’s the result of a lot of different pressures (time, money, mental, etc) lining up in a sort of ‘perfect storm’ that weren’t ideal for development during SFT’s production. This left a few features rather unpolished, and some undercooked (for example, our tutorial system was pretty low key). The scope of the game changed a decent amount throughout development, and even post-launch we made the drastic decision to support async play, which was a much larger undertaking than anticipated (adding in async post launch is quite the challenge vs doing it from day 1 like our other games). That said, we did try our best and I’m still proud of what we were able to ship, and in our own play experiences it wasn’t as buggy as some have made it out to be (not you specifically, but I’ve seen some pretty hyperbolic reports). But that doesn’t make people’s reports about issues invalid though, so we do appreciate the feedback and going forward we strive to improve the quality of our games with each new release/update.


@onealexleft Thank you very much once again for your comment :slight_smile:

Indeed it is at least good to have solid direct feedback from you, no only with the reasons for doing this but with a frank apology for how the game is and for truly not being able to change that currently.

Make no mistake, I still think you have made an awesome game. The mechanics, the replayability, the flavour (pun intended lol).

I am just sad the “port” does not “fully” convey the amazingness of the game because of some games. My problem is more that they are minor, but game breaking bugs that imply restarting the game.

I must say you did squash a lot of bugs with the update, and that is why I thought you would still be able to do it. Quite frankly if I knew anything about it I would even volunteer, but I know nothing of this :frowning:

Sincerely, because of your positive attitude I won’t request any refunds based on that, because I truly believe you are a developer worth supporting :slight_smile:


I’m sorry that I upset you this much by letting you know, that (from my personal point of view) I thought the use of language has been at a level that I don’t think @onealexleft nor @oneadamleft deserve.
Mind you, throughout the course of the last 8 years, I too have bought games over and over again that turned out to have major bugs (or simply stopped working altogether at some point) without anybody seeming to fix it.

I hope you don’t take this as an insult but I would go as far to say we are in the same boat here, and I can understand your general feelings about this. I also put money into this game, and I also expected it to run much smoother than it does. Maybe I took your opinion on Space Food Truck’s bugs too harshly because I may have misunderstood some of the particular words you have used. I’m very sorry about that.

With that being said, I personally am glad that the developers of this game are much unlike others who just abandon their games. They respond to inquiries made via their contact form, they have this forum, they are active on social media. In other words, you can indeed simply talk to them and they will hear you. They are people like you and me, they have their lives and priorities and they want to be treated with respect. Again, I am sorry that I misunderstood your original feedback as “rude” and will take back that claim and hope you accept my apology.

As you have noticed yourself now, the attitude of One Man Left Studios is very likeable. This is the reason why I wanted to support them by “defending” them against something I thought (in the past) was “rude”. Again, my sincerest apologies that I may have come across rude or disrespectful myself. I only wanted to point out that these bugs you mentioned were not the end of the world, compared to other developers simply ignoring their customers and the money they paid. Sadly, the latter scenario has become a lot more common with the App Store age.