It doesn't fit


On my iPhone 5c. Vertical display.


Hey it’s my avatar

It works perfectly on my 5c, try putting it on mobile display

Nvm it is mobile display


I tried restarting the app, phone reboot, history clear. It works fine in private browsing mode, just not public.


That is certainly weird

Try logging out or going to your user settings. Maybe there is something that can fix it


I think it is my account. When I log out its ok.


Didn’t see anything when I looked at the settings/preferences page. Could a mod @onealexleft @oneadamleft take a look pleas?


hmm. mobile template is a little funky lately. It’s working on my phone though for the most part (it all fits). Do you have any plugins running in safari?


Not as bad, but this did pop up recently. iPhone 6s+ , ios9.


Top & bottom, or header & footer, aren’t encompassing the entire screen, & leave a blank space.


Mine always looks like that


@spacechef @Gospelfan @LegacyofEight should be fixed now.