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No Kickstarter campaign is complete without stretch goals, and Hex Gambit’s will be no exception! Only our first goal will be revealed when we launch July 25th, but it’s one I think we all really want to unlock: House Rules!

We always want to add cool features like these, but they tend to get cut when dev time is running short. Funding this stretch goal guarantees enough time to implement fun variables for non-league matches. These will be perfect for customizing your own tournaments.

  • Custom turn timeouts: A heavily requested feature for every asynchronous game we've made.
  • Variable Victory Point goals: Maybe you prefer a longer match with more time for twists and turns? Or a micro-game where one misstep is fatal?
  • Player handicaps: Have a friend that's not quite on your level? Give them an edge to keep things interesting.
Hex Gambit is coming to Kickstarter July 25th! Kicking in a few extra dollars to your pledge or getting a friend to back with you are a few ways you can help us reach these goals faster. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our mailing list to get email reminders when we hit big milestones, like the launch of our Kickstarter, Early Access/beta, and the official release.



I like it. I don’t see how storing three integers to a database can be this hard to make it a stretch goal, but I like it.


lol a bit more involved than storing 3 ints ;). Any permutation tends to have rippling effects and corresponding dev costs. Just a couple off the top of my head:

  • the UI needs to accomodate it. UI is one of the most tedious and costly aspects of game development. Even more so when multiple input methods/platforms are considered. The less options the better (in terms of development speed).
  • the corresponding server-side matchmaking needs to accommodate it


Might I suggest custom maps as a super stretch goal? (Yes, I know that’s a ton of work. Maybe $40k?)


What will your goal be? Can you develop a game with less than 15 000 dollars!? I bet you need at least 100 000 dollars.


I think outwitters cost 200-300k? I read it before but I don’t remember the exact amount.

How much money would you guys need to get it on Mac? Some of my favorite ow players aren’t going to play hexgambit because they only have Mac OS and iOS. Can’t imagine outwitters without some of them, but I fear hexgambit will be lacking some of the most important members of this community.


The goal is 11k to bolster our existing funds and add some good polish time to development. We aren’t funding the entire project via Kickstarter alone, just looking for some extra resources to help make sure we don’t have to rush to our deadline. In game dev you don’t get paid until you ship, so extra money in the bank helps relieve pressure.

Whole games funded from scratch are in the six figure range. Depends on the scale of the project, number of people working, sound design needs, etc.