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The last person to post wins. If you are to ever have any hope of winning, this topic must to be forgotten by “Everyone,” probably even you.

In an attempt to keep this thread active, and not boring, please post something relevant the discussion that is currently active in the thread, or a comment that may spark a new conversation. It would be appreciated if you would only post “I win” before or after your comment. If all you post is “I Win” or “You lose” or any other rather short and semi-pointless comment, it will be considered spam Poppycock. But if you really want to, go ahead.


So… I would pay a lot of money for DOTA on the IOS. Anyone else with me?


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So… I would pay a lot of money for DOTA on the IOS. Anyone else with me?

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I’m with you! But I certainly won’t mind diablo 3 on IOS either. :slight_smile:


speaking of DOTA style games, i wish that League of Legends had an offline mode… just to practice vs ai or something.


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speaking of DOTA style games, i wish that League of Legends had an offline mode… just to practice vs ai or something.

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Originally thought you came from HoN - there’s a competitive player with the same name as you… thought the chances were slim though and when you mentioned LoL… yea :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I have anything against League of Legends, just that - as you probably know - the player base from both games generally like to hate on each other.

There was some post on the Outwitters section about AI and how difficult it was to make - now imagine AI for nine different heroes/champions - would be nearly impossible to simulate a real MOBA game. :stuck_out_tongue: There is an AI in dota, but I truly believe if you want to get better in a MOBA, you have to play against real players that are better than you.


There is Bot training in lol. Its not offline however, because your teammates are still human. It’s where I learned to play, and where I learned my strategy with items. Add me btw, same name as here


I have admin privileges and can lock threads. I’m fighting the urge to win this.


lol adam that’s just unfair. and I’ll try adding you N135, no one who loves OneManLeft can be such a horrible person. (my name is solashaka).
also I’d never even hear of HoN until i saw it here, but the games seem really similar… I can see why the player bases would hate each other XD.


Really, the hate isn’t between LoL and HoN. Almost no one plays HoN anymore. No, the hate is between LoL and DoTA 2


well, honestly both of those games kinda are from the same people… the people who made DOTA are now making LoL, and DoTa was first made in a blizzard game (it was a mod for warcraft or something right?)… Honestly, i think that both of these games are inferior to rts games, such as sc2. i love sc2 :3 just i don’t play much because it’s too competitive (I like competition, but it’s sad to watch almost every other game your precious base you built up getting roflstomped by them OP marines).


Ya but isn’t DoTA 2 now made by Valve or something like that?


ummm it is!? I thought by DoTA2 you meant the one Blizzard is making… is there another one with the exact same name? (googles) XP… well for what blizzard is making i guess that’s DOTA all stars… darn i need to get my nerdy knowledge straight! Also i feel like making a new topic. WHAT IS THE BETS FLAVOR OF ICECREAM!? I say “Caramel Ribbon” from Baskin Robins.


Cookies and cream.


Toche sir. However, Cookies and Cream lacks the “depth” in the flavor of caramel ribbon in my opinion.


i win


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i win

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I would like to emphasize the lack of awesomeness or humor in this post. There is no ‘I win’-button. The ‘I win’-button is a lie. The ‘I win’-button has you… er no, that doesn’t make any sense.

Anyhow, cheesecake is awesome - let’s talk about that for a change.


Cheesecake… Has anyone here gone to japan? And gone to a store called Morozof? (maybe morozoff, wth). That cheesecake is just… so… friggin… awesome…


So, Is anyone else on here on Steam? If so, how big is your steam folder? Mine is only 185GB. (roughly)


lol 185 gbs… i can’t even find mine.


This hopefully is the calm before the storm - a.k.a. the long-anticipated release of Outwitters.