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b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

…but what’s next? I have no idea how this counting system works, but in base 64 A B C etc. are next.


I thought it would be something like some symbols after z


º ¡ ™ £ ¢ ∞ § ¶ • ª




Those aren’t characters (not in a certain sense though)

I’m pretty actual emoji :grinning::sweat_smile::innocent::dog::rice_cracker::soccer:️:red_car::watch:️:spades:️:us: count as characters

EDIT: Wait, the forum REPLACES the emoji with its own emotes?






I dunno what to do, so…

The LPW crew found a super cool island fit for partying after several stormy nights on their pirate ship. After they heard me narrate and say party, they all decided to do just that. Chem found a banana in the forest and decided to eat it, but a monkey attacked him and said, “THIS IS THE SACRED BANANA, GUARDIAN OF ALL BANANA POWER. EATING IT IS NOT AN OPTION.”

An army of monkeys arrive and challenged the LPW crew to a battle! What do we do?

  • Fight
  • Um, fight

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summons Snorlax

By the way, I figured out how unary works: Take the number of 0s and turn that into a binary or base 10 number and it can be run as code or used as a counting system, although it is very inefficient and I wouldn’t recommend using it. Except these are monkeys, and they probably aren’t smart, so…
SCOTT0852 learned Confusion!


Legacy quickly appears next to Chemoeum, Scott, and Snorlax. She pulls out a heavy sword, prepared for the oncoming battle. Everyone is matched 1 to 1 against a monkey.
[Roll a dice- if even number, then you win]

(I rolled a 1) Legacy attacks with her sword, but completely forgets her lack of athleticism and upper body strength. The weight of the sword drags her down to the point that she falls flat on her face. Fortunately, the fallen sword piques the interest of the monkey. As her foe is inspecting the weapon, Legacy runs for cover


rolls 1
SCOTT0852 attempted to use Confusion, but the knowledge confused him instead!
SCOTT0852 hurt himself in his confusion!


Flarp55 used his cannon and killed all the monkeys but injured Scott in the process


TheGreatErenan entered the thread and noticed a role play scenario going on and then didn’t directly participate in it.


To the crew’s disbelief, every time a monkey was defeated, they dissolve and become two full size monkeys! This broke the law of conservation of mass! The group decided that it was best to only contain them.

How do we contain them?

  • Chem’s Hypnosis
  • Legacy’s Psychic
  • Erenan’s Stun Spore
  • Scott’s Confusion

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Flarp’s Gyro Ball


Looks I gotta get the ol’ RNG…

Legacy used Psychic to contain all of the monkeys. She lifts them high into the air and throws them into the brig o’ th’ ship. The monkeys furiously exclaim as the door is locked shut.


Chem listened carefully, after he ate the banana.


The monkeys disappeared mid-sentence and OH GOD! IN THE DISTANCE! A giant monkey-shaped volcano started to move, standing up and pointing its large volcano head toward the ship, sharply toward Chem’s forehead as shown by a laser emitted by the monkey’s blindingly bright red eyes.

A wide, banana-shape-cloudy storm started to grow and grow to the ends of the world. Everywhere, bananas started to wither and turn brown, with maggots and worms crawling out. Banana trees of many continents toppled over and turned cold gray. It was… the BANANOCALYPSE.

What do we do?

  • Make Chem apologize
  • Make Chem regurgitate
  • Fight the monkey volcano
  • Um, fight the monkey volcano

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Hey guys even if you don’t play much Outwitters you should sign up for my tournament it’s single elimination so you won’t be responsible for too many games.


The crew spins Chem around and around until he feels nauseous enough to throw up. And he does, but it doesn’t stop the giant monkey volcano (Gee, I wonder why). All that came out was bubbly yellow banana sauce.

The monkey volcano, staring coldly at Chem from afar, reaches for Chem with psychic power, and is moving him closer and closer to the top of its volcano head! And it’s going active soon! Chem might burn to a crispy end!

It was time to take a different approach, by fighting the volcano. What happens next?

  • “Dude, there’s a shiny red crystal on an altar yonder. I betcha we break it and the volcano may die down.”
  • “Hey, what’s a giant high-energy particle laser cannon doing out here on this island?”
  • “I think if we could just believe hard enough, Chem will come back.”
  • “Flarp, use Flash Cannon! Legacy, use Hyper Beam! Scott, use Flamethrower!”

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So. a bit unrelated, but this is in Poppycock, so…
In the Nintendo Switch presentation, there was:
Splatoon 2
1, 2, Switch
MarioKart 8 Deluxe
Fire Emblem Warriors
and so much hype