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Was there Pokémon Stars?


Scott points to a high-energy particle laser cannon buried in the sand. There were also big chunks of glass around the barrel, which the cannon may have caused. The crew lifts the huge cannon up, which would have been too heavy for one person to carry.

Even through team effort, the cannon falls atop a rock, and it somehow triggers it. The laser charges up quickly and a beam of many colors obliterates a fraction of the forest around, leaving behind only flames and ashes. A sight to behold only if you have the right sunglasses.

After a glance at the cannon model name, the crew carefully lifts the OmegaTek™ Omega Rainbow Laser mk.IV again and Flarp decides to man the controls. He aims it at the volcano and away from Chem. With a quick flick of the trigger finger, a second array of colors is launched, and it makes direct contact with the big volcano’s dumb face.

Chem fell a million millimeters to the Earth, then remembered he can FLY! He flew down safely, admiring his freedom from the grips of the volcano’s psychic power.

The monkey volcano sits again, but the eruption does not. Lava spouts out of the top and the island is about to go down in flames. The BANANOCALYPSE is still rampant and becomes a tempest (of bananas falling from the sky then quickly withering) in the sea.

What do you do?

  • “Awesome! Party!”
  • Run to the boat and sail into the BANANOCALYPSE
  • Find a way to stop the volcano and the BANANOCALYPSE

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No PKMN Stars, sorry.
Oh, and I just looked and apparently the Joy-Cons have SL and SR buttons, so even when using a single Joy-Con you still have an L and R.


I’m SFT Engi now


Well ok then.


Out of all justice for protecting bananas worldwide, the crew, between a violent tempest and a pool of flowing lava, tries to figure out a way to stop the lava and the BANANOCALYPSE.

Flarp used Hydro Cannon to stop the lava. Legacy used Psychic and Fairy Wind to redirect the tempest. Scott… fought the lava with his hands… and succeeds in doing so. Chem shoots a Psybeam into the tempest to… confuse the storm?

Erenan discovers there is a specific way to stop these events through cave writings. It’s a ritual. A ritual performed on a regular banana, which when carried out, will make it become a successor to the sacred banana. It must be a very, very pure banana, the criteria being one that cannot wither in the BANANOCALYPSE. It is also resistant to the hottest or coldest conditions, including lava. This pure banana has to be taken to the volcano and dropped into the center.

Chem recalls eating a banana earlier that didn’t wither in the storm. The rest of the crew collapses with disappointment. BUT! He also says it was one of two that didn’t wither. The other one is still where he left it. Chem leads the way to where he found it, at the other side of a nearby mountain.

On the way, there were many streams of lava flowing into the trees, burning them to cinders. The crew must be careful in this area. There are four paths to get to the banana.

Which path do they choose?

  • Left path. Furthest from the volcano, a medium-length path, hidden quicksand.
  • Cave path. Safe from lava or tempest, dark, a little long. Chem saw ghosts here.
  • Right path. Closest to the volcano, a relatively short path, lots of stepping stones.
  • Mountain climb path. A medium path, falling rocks, safe from lava but not the tempest.

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Here’s more randomness from the past:



Which hand is Ned Flander’s primary?




Mama always said, the right path is the right path. The crew takes the right path to the banana. It was very close to the volcano, so the lava approached them in no time. The stepping stones allowed them to cross the lava, though it is still dangerous to cross. It’s the only way through the path.

Chem flew across the lava and, amazingly enough, did not find a way to slip and fall. The crew discovers that the stepping stones sink when stepped on. Erenan, being a Grass type, was slightly ignited by the temperature of the lava. Flarp decides to use Hydro Cannon on the lava to harden it. It works, but not for very long. The crew crosses the hardened lava as quickly as Flarp drenches it.

A whole portion of the rocky ground falls off into the top of an underground cave. Legacy stumbles a bit and finds herself hanging off of the edge! Lava starts pouring into the cave. The crew comes back to help Legacy out, but the combined weight breaks an even larger hole to the cave! The entire crew falls in! Until…

Chem learns Psychic and pulls them back out. The crew is safe for now.

The banana was in sight. Chem tries to get it with his new move, but Psychic couldn’t move the banana. Legacy tries too, but to the same result. Scott swims the body of lava and retrieves the banana. BUT!

A lava shark appears and attacks Scott! He drops the banana into the lava, which doesn’t burn it because it’s so heat resistant! What do we do now?

  • Flarp uses Hydro Cannon
  • Scott defends himself and uses Fire Punch
  • Legacy and Chem use Psychic
  • Erenan uses Stun Spore

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Flarp used Hydro Cannon (RNG) on the lava shark, and it was super effective! The lava shark is knocked back in agony as it returns to the lava. The banana, however, froze with a layer of rock that was to be when Flarp used Hydro Cannon. Scott smashes through the rock with a Fire Punch and retrieves the banana.

Now they have to get to the volcano, and that’s easier said than done. The crew ventures onward to the very top to drop the pure banana in. Scott believes it’s easier for him to go alone since he’s the only one who can withstand the lava. Chem corrects him about what he really has to worry about, since all around the volcano, Chem finds lots and lots of lava monsters guarding the area. Scott can’t go alone to fight them. The crew agrees to go together to get the banana in the volcano.

Wow, how many lava monsters are there? 1, 2, maybe 50! It seems to be that they are similar to real animals, only lava-like. We’ve seen the lava shark, but here we see a lava giraffe, a lava lion, a lava koala, and already Chem decides to keep this adorable lava bunny. Chem doesn’t get attacked by the bunny when he picks it up, but it sure is warm. Erenan keeps a small lava pangolin and names it Lavawood. His normal pangolin Linwood is gonna be excited.

As the crew advances, the lava monsters surround them in an ambush. Chem (RNG) and Erenan (RNG) have the first attack. What do Chem and Erenan use?

  • Hypnosis
  • Flash Cannon
  • Psychic
  • Thunderbolt

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  • Stun Spore
  • Energy Ball
  • Mega Drain
  • Sludge Bomb

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hypnosis op


Chem used Hypnosis on a group of lava pigs and lava buffalo, and they stampede across the volcano, attacking many lava dogs and lava salamanders. Erenan stuns a pack of lava wolves and a very big lava bear with Stun Spore.

A gargantuan lava python uses Fire Fang on Chem, and it was super effective! It dealt 170 damage! It also uses Wrap on Erenan, and the heat starts to catch up on his binding.

Legacy manages to get a Protect up, so Scott and Flarp make sure to take her cover to avoid getting hit by a lava donkey’s Lava Plume. What do Legacy, Scott, and Flarp use?

  • Hyper Beam
  • Psychic
  • Fairy Wind
  • Protect

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  • Fire Punch
  • Flamethrower
  • Fire Blast
  • Sucker Punch

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  • Hydro Cannon
  • Flash Cannon
  • Fleur Cannon
  • Zap Cannon

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Yea, I gave Flarp all cannon moves :stuck_out_tongue:


In case you haven’t noticed, Pokemon Duel is out now and it’s pretty much just the Pokemon Trading Figure Game Online.
Was I the only one who knew about the Trading Figure Game?


Played it yesterday, might keep going :slight_smile:


posts to sabotage Chemoeum’s chance of winning and to allow me to win


Holy crap, I forgot about this thread


This is terrible but I think I did too


Therefore, I win.


Legacy fires a powerful Hyper Beam and sends many lava penguins, lava monster tarantulas, and lava orangutans out of the picture. Scott decides to defeat the lava python with a Sucker Punch once it lunges its humongous head at him and free Erenan from its bindings. Flarp does astounding output by attacking with a Hydro Cannon, as a water type move scares nearly every lava monster away, even Chem’s cute lava bunny and Erenan’s lava pangolin. They escape into a little burrow underneath the rocks (:cry:).

The crew is an archer’s shot away from the top of the volcano. They cheer as they run toward their destination, and when things looked brightest, the lava shark comes back with a vengeance! Its flames were very bright, too bright to see, and had a very strong radiance of heat, too hot to withstand. Flarp decides to Hydro Cannon the lava shark, but it is also very fast! The lava shark Tackles Flarp into rolling off of the volcano!

What do you do?

  • Run away! Everyone for themselves!
  • Fight the shark
  • Make a break for the top of the volcano
  • Flarp learned a new move?

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