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flarp can still hydro pump the lava shark from the bottom of the volcano


As Flarp rolled down to his perilous end, Flarp manages to learn a new move (RNG), Gyro Ball! Spinning as fast as he can, he manages to fly through the air and back up the volcano. Combined with Hydro Cannon, he is able to spray water in all directions and weaken the lava shark. The tempest, as well, was being sucked away by Flarp’s spinning, but not enough to end it.

The lavalike surroundings were going away as the powerful shower hardens it back to rock. The lava shark withers away once Flarp ceases Gyro Ball and directs Hydro Cannon at it. The volcano starts to fight back with a strong eruption. A huge wave of lava is about to drench the crew! Chem and Legacy stop it with Psychic, but hope is needed to keep it going.

Scott runs up to the top of the volcano, with the banana in hand, and drops it carefully into the center. Waiting for the banana to drop into the pool of lava, everybody waits patiently. Alas, nothing has happened for a while. Chem and Legacy, struggling to stop the wave of lava that surrounds all of the rest of the crew, break in exhaustion, and the lava continues to crash. Scott could only watch his friends disappear in a fiery end.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!”, yelled Scott. After shaking his fists at the cruel world, he descends to his knees and crushes the rocks of the volcano in anger.

But WAIT! Chem survives the lava! And it seems, well, the entire crew survived too? Popping from within the lava, it was Chem’s lava bunny and Erenan’s lava pangolin that made sure everyone was safe, probably by some lavalike, magical means.

As the crew is rescued from the lava, the lava starts to freeze, and the volcano stops rumbling. The tempest disappears, and the bananas stop withering. It was a good sign that the BANANOCALYPSE was gone. The crew looks out into the distance, knowing they just saved the world. Chem hides behind everyone, hoping they forgot he started it.

Everyone safely parties at the coast. After taking out the picnic basket, no one ate the banana.

The end





Director — CHEMOEUM




Lead Editor — CHEMOEUM


Scott — SCOTT0852
Flarp — FLARP55


Various Pokémon themes by Brionne
Whistling sounds by Chemoeum


Polling — CHEMOEUM
Voting Committee — LPW TEAM


OneManLeft Studios

Copyright © 2017 ChemStudios


Who needs context?


It’s nice to just reflect on what this thread is all about: total utter and sheer randomness.


And shrimp toast.


Thread creator here…

This thread will never be forgotten. And even if it is, you won’t know it, because you’ll have forgotten. You should all give up.

on another note, Tilt to Live is still my favorite OML game.



cool thread btw


What do you mean it won’t be forgotten?


Out of a lot of us, I’m sure at least one person will remember this thread for a long time


I haven’t posted in awhile but I will always remember this thread


Are you sure?


Scott how do you find all these? Do you read this thread for fun??

Tbh I’ve done that before too


I once read the entire thread. It seems a whole bunch of posts were mixed up by time stamp, probably from the MyBB to Discord transfer


Still miss mybb


I just click a random spot on the side bar and scroll up, looking for posts that make no sense out of context. That’s why if you look, you’ll see most of the quotes are in reverse chronological order.


Just went back and chose a random post to quote.
On the note of bringing back old stuff, I’m still winning The Game 3.


I like likes (thats a weird sentence) but other than that I think I like myBB


I remember how I got a bunch of free rep by making doodles :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh yeah rep I remember that