Last post wins


Wouldn’t call it free then :wink: YOU PAID FOR YOU REP IN DRAWINGS!


I also remember how any immediate consecutive posts you make will merge with your previous one, separated by a break line


and now there’s no incentive to make drawings because no rep, so no more drawings. we need to switch back so chem makes more drawings


The incentive is “likes”, I just happened to stop :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And technically, making avatars for you guys is like making drawings


I like how Discourse just has one big page for the thread so I don’t have to have the reply in another tab while I copy and paste all the random quotes.
Also it’s nice how the “back” button doesn’t break anything like it would on other forums.


Hey guys. Whoa, Big Gulps, huh? All right. Well, see ya later.


I remember when we still had signatures :disappointed:


I know exactly what I’d put in my signature…

Still Winning The Game 3


I’d probably doodle more if I had a signature box lol


Lost the Game


…what about The Game 3?
Still Winning The Game 3


I got a game.

Forum Scavenger Hunt
I edit one of my posts on this thread, and you must find it. It will give you clues on the next thread to search for another edited post, and I will repeat this four times. You will search until you find a super secret password. A fragment of the super secret password exists on each post of the scavenger hunt, and there are five in total. If you combine the fragments and say the super secret password on the LPW thread, you win.

Edited posts for this game will be colored grey and in italics, and denoted by a (FSH).

Note: You can summarize threads to show only my posts, but I won’t show you how :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hopefully there’s no thing that magically shows you what posts I’ve recently edited, that’d be a total gamebreaker :sweat_smile:




Wait, did you just find my edits somewhere?

Edit: Wait NO! You just searched up my denotation! Wow, I wish I hadn’t done that


Searching up clue works as well


Now to think of what the word is…
Still Winning The Game 3


Wonder what I should do now


You should do a thing now.





what is there a character limit now