Last post wins



Are you still suspicious about something?


Oh wait, you’re not a spambot. The / always means “end”.
For instance, [b] is bold and [/b] is end bold in html.
But why the spambot imitation?


Was I pretending to be a spambot?


That last post made it seem like it.


wait how am i even second place



Because you keep doing empty posts for no reason other than more posts.


You used to be very active


Me too.


wait i’m only 3 posts (now 4) ahead of Legacy. I’d better get posting


Especially if you wanna pass me :wink:


Why are you so focused on having more than me? Maybe I’m just more active


Having more of things is desirable. (Except when you’re talking about dogs attacking you.)


I’d love to have more RAM on my computer


All thy RAM am belong to me.


Maybe more refresh rate on my monitor too


What do you currently have? 60 should be plenty if you’ve got that.


I have 60 but it’d be so great to have more :smile:


I have a million.


Give me some