Last post wins


I can’t. Government regulations. :frowning:


How would you even give someone extra frames?


Rip out your windows and doors then take the window/door frames out

Don’t forget the picture frames either


Also I kinda don’t want to lower the value of my house.


But you have millions of frames


But Erenan’s house is made of frames and if he was to give you one it would be the one that all the other frames need to stand up and then he has to rebuild his house and that takes too much time so sorry, he can’t give you any frames.


I’ll just buy more frames


I go for a little bit and suddenly everyone’s letting chemoeum win


I couldn’t think of a good reply to that post


Yay winning!


So, the Nintendo Switch will be having a large amount of games. You guys excited for any currently announced?


Large compared to previous consoles or large compared to the ocean of indie games on the internet?


37 near launch seems like plenty of games to me.

although now that I look closer at it only 12 games are launch titles…


Wait until they release something that kills the Switch and the 3DS at the same time


It’ll need to have the price, battery life, and 2 screens of the 3DS while having everything else (and more) from the Switch. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


Soon they’ll made a 3DSwitch




Autocorrect :dizzy_face:


I usually have to correct my autocorrect when I’m on my phone.
Generally though, I just use my PC because it has a nice ergonomic keyboard.


Anybody ever realize that the empty reply box says you can use HTML to format?