Last post wins


It’s the first one


I wish I still had a user title

“The Little Engi That Couldn’t”


I’d have no idea what to put. I’d think about for a day or two and then settle on something simple or obvious like “Hannah”


“Eight Shots, Eight Kills”
“Eight Is Better Than Five”
“Never In Clever”
“Lifted To Gifted”



That’s perfect
But I may drop soon bc I haven’t been playing-- too busy with speech stuff


You could write an entire speech for your title


“Forever in Clever” then


She’s still “fightin’ to Super Titan”


Maybe I should just make my entire speech my title

I considered pasting my whole speech here but then I remembered that @Flarp55 goes to a school in my league. Don’t want info shared with the enemy lol


More like Legacy Rank forever


Mine would just be ^v^


I think my old forum title still has something to do with being a dictator


…well ok then.

Still Winning The Game 3


I forgot what Game 3 was


Everyone wins except Flarp loses

Still Winning The Game 3


Yes, still winning The Game 3


Anyways, any of you guys excited for Sonic Forces or Sonic Mania?

Still Winning The Game 3


I don’t really play Sonic games


When my cousin was little he loved Sonic. He tried to imitate Sonic during a Little League game and his coach was confused as to why he was running like that


I’m pretty sure he can’t turn into a ball and roll to first base